In Liberia, a country where people criticize you for the good you do for the society once it has not affect them individually but forgetting to know others who are their friends and family are being affected through it positively.

Let us look at few personalities that are not political driven but determine to make a bench mark in rebranding Liberia to the world as a place that is growing and won’t stop growing once these geniuses are alive.

Alvin E. Johnson: Growing up as a young man that believes in visual expression, someone that believes in keeping memories of who you are and where you lastly had your best time, he decided to give his ideas to the world by coming up with a brilliant concept that has already been seen in other part of the world as a money, moving train, though others in Liberia were into such, but they were no aiming high and pushing their ideas as far as reaching the possibilities of the developed world. Alvin became one of the most renowned photographers of all time, breeding his energy to many young men and women who became inspired by his work and saw that he has been successful through his idea. Having put more time to Tenneh Johnson -TJ photoshoot he is now known to have one of the most authentic pictures around the country that it’s value last longer in quality for years without fading. This young man is one of Liberia proud and one of it’s most determined young man that believes in his people, cultures, and his country at large.

Tyrese Tarr: Successful people are not only those that has their name out there as CEO, Founders and the list goes on, many are the idea acceptors, the concept drivers and the pushers of great things, that’s why most companies have people who do not serve in big positions but they are in that company for life and their children are entitled to whatsoever benefit that company his or father worked or is working with forever. We all know this name, it has been one of the trending names on social media, not in any bad ways but a name that has been striving to bring ideas to light, he serve and was one of the established member of Shaking Table and Fries FM, he grew his relevance from these two. It is funny to see an engineer coming into media work whole heartedly, but in Liberia and the world at large passion grows faster and take you far more then just career of professions, though sometimes your career and profession could be your passion.

Tyrese is one of Liberia most influential man that serve to see the best programs coming to light in Liberia, he serve as one of the tools to have Miss Liberia coming back after it has been closed for many years due to MICAT timing, but it never worked at first, he join hands with others in bringing out one of Liberia most watched and talked about show, one of the show that has helped in the development of Liberia’s arts and cultures, help in the rebranding of Liberia and a program that has changed the lives of few young people, those that have participated and those that have watched it. Mr. Tarr is serving on the board of Big Brabee Liberia – BBL, he believes in working with others, no matter your nationality, once it is benefiting to Liberians he put his all into it. This is one of the proudest sons of Liberia that seek nothing more or less but to see his country name being mention among countries that are making progress.

Edwin Elic Jailaba: The eyes that sees all, the mouth that talks all, and the ears that hears all. Blogging is a field that is not as easy as the name is mentioned, writing as heard and spelled as easy to those that know how to spell, reading and comprehension is not as easy as it is when it comes to the entire world base on all those that have gone to school and graduated from higher landing, because a lot of missed in translation, everyone has their own way to understand what was written and read then what was said in a recording (audio or video). The name mentioned above, Edwin Elic Jailaba is not a name to not remember. He’s the first Liberian to win a blogger award under the umbrella of Liberian Youth Award which is now called Liberian Young Achiever Award. Edwin worked at first with Plus Liberia, later became a cofounder on a media platform name Pepper Kala Africa that took the media by surprise with brilliant stories from all over the web. He’s a writer, a creative concept creator and a idealistic being that has no physical weapon but a weapon of the kind that can destroy a whole planet (but he won’t use it on destroying earth), he’s the kind of guy you just need him to see a word or phrase about something and he’s on it with thousand of words to be added and making sense.

Mr. Jaliba believes in writing as stated above, he serve everyone and learned from all, he is not the media type that is all over the news, but he’s the guy that most often put flashy people and make people brand be popping up most often in the news. Working with serval artists, Elic and his team has their own management label deal company that is working with few Liberia artists in and out of Liberia in making their work reach the target needed. This young man is not just someone that sees and write, but he’s a creator. This is one of Liberia best writer of all time, writes for Liberians and has their names in foreign media outlets, and basically in Liberia most trending news outlet, front page Africa. Elic is the type of Liberian that don’t believe highly in one man idea but the idea of all to make one nation indivisible, this is a man that put his name out there for Liberia when it comes to branding others to reach to the peak of other big stars and influential in develop countries.

Delton Domah: The box is never closed till it is empty or it is full, but most time it is full before closing. In Liberia recognition is a hard thing for us, because we hardly read, watch till the end, listen carefully or even research. Delton is a renowned name among young people of Liberia, serving out of Liberia in representation of young Liberians out of Liberia, Delton is a Liberian Ambassador at Youth Assembly, represented Liberia at UN Youth Plenary, Climate Reality Leader, ambassador at IYC For Youth and DMV. He’s one of Liberia brilliant supporter, he bring out exciting issues that are needed to be looked into without others seeing ahead of time, as an activist he stand up strong with evidence to help make Liberia a better place in helping with child rights, women’s rights, and human rights in general.

Known of Facebook as Del Ton, many people called him Mr. Ton because they don’t really know his full name out there then on Twitter where he has his true identity covered. Delton has been one of Liberia potential man that have seen change to not just be a thing that covers all side of life with financial wealth being attached to it before it is done, he have seen change as a way of getting it through showing love to one another; being supportive, being honest, going for the fact and showing it out. If you ever come across this man you will totally want to have a change mind to be like him or more then him, he’s inspirational and determine, he’s focus driven and has no limit as to what he wants to do.

With his supportive methods, he writes for almost every Liberian he has a clue about once he know they are doing good and he does that to show the world that his people, Liberians are doing good, some will say why Delton have to waste his time writing for others when he’s not a blogger, a journalist or some known journal personality, but the facts that many are missing here is that, he’s well know and has been branded out of Liberia for his great work so he uses that means to show case others to the world that his people are doing good and the are also the best at what they do. This guy is one of Liberia most brilliant tools, if seen and giving more opportunities to explore his full potential he will do even more. A true son of the soil.