A post was made on Facebook, Yesterday by 7:37 PM by a Facebook user known as Molley Kiazolu which shows a house that was burned down and images of a kid wearing a padlock and chain on his leg. This was one of the thing that nobody understood after saving the kid from the burning house.

Here’s what was written:

Madame Benetta Smith and her grandson Martin lived in a zinc shack around the Swamp Community in New Matadi. The Zinc shack was today gutted by fire and it burned to the ground without grandma Benetta saving a piece of clothing from the house. Where will they even sleep tonight is known to God only.

What is even more interesting is that little Martin, 7 years old, was rescued from the burned house with a chain locked around his left leg by his own grandmother, Benetta. Neighbors heard him crying in the house and according to one of them only identified as AB, who ironically was only freed from jail today after spending 3 days there by grandma Benetta, used a hammer to burst the door open and get little Martin out before the fire could get to him.

Martin in Chain and Padlock as Grandma Bennetta hold him

So why was Martin on chain in the first place? Grandma Benetta said it’s her way of preventing him from leaving the house. Her neighbors however had a different version to why Martin was chained. “She always keeps him locked up in the house with the chain on his foot”, one of them said. Another one told us that she doesn’t allow him to play with the rest of the kids in a community that seems very cluster. Grandma Benetta insists though, she’s not a cruel person and takes good care of her grandson who can be seen with his hand burnt from fried oil, looking very dirty with rash like spots all over his body.

From our analysis, little Martin, whose mother is deceased and father nowhere around, needs to be rescued from his grandma Benetta. Whoever has the means should do so as this little boy’s life with his grandma is nothing to envy.

This is something that is being investigated and we will get back to you as to why this little boy was wearing chain on his leg and had a padlock locked on it.

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