Paul Kennie Harding who’s one of Liberia best gospel artist and a very kind heat man. Two years ago he made his vow before God as he took the hand of his pretty lady to become his wife. Sealing the deal with the Holy Bible, Mr. Harding has become very successful in his musical career as he travels from one land to another and still sees reasons to praise God for his wonderful doings in his life.
Through the steps of the way he always has smiles on his face and is a positive motivation to young men who are gearing up to become Christ Ambassadors, as they take up the stand to worship in truth and in spirit. He’s a positive icon to any young man that wants to grow in the way of God.

Paul praises his 2 years in marriage with his beautiful wife and yes it is shown that his life got even better with a good woman by his side. We wrote:
And today made us 2 years.
Honestly, I couldn’t have made it without her, and we couldn’t have made it without God.
Today we smile, celebrate, and appreciate God for everything, the love, peace, happiness, understanding, and tolerance.

I love my wife
My wife loves me
Together we’re on it!

No retreat, no surrender!
Happy Anniversary to us. #TEAMHARDINH #PAUSICA

“My love my wife.” This is a point in a man life where he considers his wife to be his central point of all decisions and all great things that happen in his life.
This is real love protected by God.

More updates are coming on other gospel artists from Liberia. Keep posted.