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HashTag wahala… ”Uneducated Blogger.” – Benita to Gary


Gary is not in a good spotlight as he’s been attacked by one of his friends for seeing his post as a one that isn’t legal. Hashtags are nothing more than a hashtag, people use them frequently in their post on social media so others can find their work or identify with their post that is made on a daily basis. Everything mentioned with a hashtag on Facebook has a blue color and also everyone’s name or mention are in blue colors now. Gary blue an alarm that made Benita called him uneducated…

Benita called Gary uneducated…

After seeing this, there were several comments under the post that was so wrong in addressing a young man(Gary) in that way, but he’s a man(Gary) that doesn’t back down easily. Gary has been one of Benita comrade, but it seems to be the friendship isn’t going as it supposes to be now that Gary seems to be thinking that his page(Gary The Blogger) is recognized more than her’s(The Liberian Influence). There’s seems to be some form of belittling acts going on. Here’s the post that Gary made:

Gary post that which made him be called uneducated by Benita

A few months back Gary uploaded a picture saying he and Benita will take over the industry but things seem to go the opposite, after several posts made by Gary to get at Michelle who’s the co-founder of the Liberian Influence, who was also a best friend to Benita, he bullied Michelle and everyone felt Benita was behind it because that was right after he came up with a post made with him and Benita. Gary is no longer on the same lane with Benita as they both had clash about HashTags. Here’s Gary old post:

February 1, 2020, Gary was so excited to see Benita and he wrote a speech.


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