This is one of the trendings things in the country, Big Barbee LiberiaBBL is moving with the most excessive speed in bringing young talented Liberians together under one roof. The audition day is soon to be, many contestants are busy posting about their body types, their ability to walk away with the $10,000.00 United States Dollars after a month of showing off their talents base on how things are within the house.

Hannah Saah happens to be one of the contestants that are scheduled for the auditioning to the BBL. Hannah made it clear to the public that she’s the only lady with the biggest ass, she’s the ginger lady that is entering the house. Hannah is very certain about being a winner of this great reality tv show.

Over the years Hannah’s body has increased in size, her butt got bigger and she got more attractive, with the skills she stands a big chance to get through the auditioning and hoping to spend a whole month in the house and to come out Victorious. Hannah’s profile is well arranged to help her through, that is if she applies the right things before the cameras and the judges doing the auditioning to take her into the house for the car, the trip to Dubai and the amount $10,000.00.

This is going to be one of the most challenging competitions ever in the history of Liberia entertainment, it is the first of its kind to hit Liberia. Can Hannah make it through a whole month without being kick out of the house? That’s the question that pops to the mind of her fans and followers. What if what she thinks about her having the biggest ass isn’t just she alone, how will she feel about this?

The game is on and the house is about to be lite for all.