Memorial Service and Reburial of Late President Samuel Kayon Doe – Request made my citizens of Grand Gedeh

A recommendation is going out to Liberians, that the former Liberia’s President who was brutally killed doing Liberia civil crisis that lasted for 14 years. President Samuel Kayon Doe(Late) need a befitting state reburial and to honor him for his legacy and efforts he put into Liberia development as as a president that deserves respect.

Citizens of Grand Gedeh County are seriously thinking this should be done even if the state(Liberia) won’t like to take this as something to do for their leader and a father of their county.

Post on social media stating that the leader should be remember and acknowledge for his hard work towards the development of this nation and its people.

“Samuel Doe was a democratically elected president of the republic of Liberia who met his unprecedented brutal death while serving his constitutional duties, therefore he deserves a befitting state reburial. This is his entitlement!” – Sylvester Geebarh Boque Krah

In memory of lost heroes of Liberia, family and president, people don’t mention the lost life of a president that fought for his people and died at the hand of others that claimed they were fighting for their people, citizens of Grand Gedeh are discouraged about this and want to have a special time and date to remember their leader.

A president that has no grave site or even a memorial service to remember him, disappointment is what they see from other citizens and the indigenous people of Grand Gedeh.