Shame on the Liberian government for prioritizing enriched top government officials for medical treatment over poor dedicated public servants !

Abraham Sarnie tearfully writes :

Generation of Wickedness…No Equality in Government

I told you people about the wickedness in our leaders but you never believed me. The photos you see it’s my little sister and mother last born who is presently serving the Country (Liberia National Police – LNP). She falls sick for the past 5months now and been asking the authority for medical slip which is not free due to but they refused to give her the slip only because she is not among the chosen ones that’s partiality. I’m the one spending on my sister for which some of you will say but Pastor she is your sister which is true but she works for the Government of Liberia not me. The same Government sent Representatives, Senators, Ministers, President and Vice President to Ghana, India and America for treatment so what about my sister? No medical slip and attention but you people are only waiting for death news for you to come sell your Liberia Flag which will not happen. I wish it was your child in this condition and let see if you were going to treat him or her like that. I’m warning you people to give my sister what belongs to her to avoid God’s WRATH upon your children. My sister slept in cold just to protect the Country is that how the Police Authority chose to pay her? What kind of wickedness in you people? Why only your children?