If no candidates meet the constitutional requirement in the first round thereโ€™s gonna be a second round (run-off votes) for the presidency election.

There have been accusations that some political parities has been giving the wrong results through radio and live online televisions which the government and international community asked everyone to stop because it isnโ€™t their right to do so but NEC, with that been said; NEC results from the tally sheets has been consistent everyday, where UP was topping in the first two announcements made, but the table turn where the ruling party, CDC is on the edge of taking this election to one round victory, that is if the percentage goes as it should, but how possible can this be when we have other presidential candidates pushing the tides with few percentage that might carrying them into a run-off.

President Weah whoโ€™s going for a second turn according to NEC result has 44.5% of the votes and former vice president has 43.1% of the total estimate of 49.8% vote counts.

Remembering in 2017 president Weah of CDC defeated opposition Joseph Boakai of UP by 61% to 38% of the votes.

So therefore with about approximately 50% of the preliminary results called by the National Election Commission (NEC) thereโ€™s presidential election run-off vote in prospect within two weeks time.

The challenge is on and itโ€™s exciting to see that Liberians participated in numbers to exercise their democratic rights. The results are still coming in as NEC is on the stand by to give its final results soon.

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