Rocking one of the smallest spaces in Monrovia that people hardly observed whether it was or is a club or a store, but yet she made it known to the public that it was a club. It has a name and stands to serve its valued customers with the things they desire when attending club events. Miss. Kromah became the name centered around the Queens Night club because of her ability to multi-tasks when there’s an event coming up or when the club need to run and generate incomes as to pay workers and keep the flames of club lifestyles running in the city.

Brining stars from far and near, male and females, hosting special events and organizing gifts, while tending to artists in Liberia that never had the chance to get a better recommendation on club stages.

She came as fast as she could and made her name in the little space we have in entertainment in Liberia. When they mentioned Bintu, they mentioned Queens Night club. Unfortunately for her fans and supporters, Bintu posted on social media, to be precise on Facebook, that she’s no longer with Queens night club. This was a joke to all, with her constant habits of saying this and not going anywhere.

Her life As a Manager

Bintu energy is so much that she don’t just back down easily. She loves to help and sharing what is necessary to see others achieve their goals. A female manager to the only female artist in CSE. Her brand is strong and she has the support needed to take her to whatsoever level she wants to reach, as she’s called the President Daughter.

Dishes prepared by Charmie and her Cookshop

Departing from the club and taking the to the kitchen gives her more joy and fill her up with better energy to be creative and put out her true African dishes to the world for sale. Charmie (she goes by the name as her middle name) has become one of Liberia trusted lady that say and do. She’s good at advertising products that she’s wears and putting more time to Liberians own products.

Advertising eyes lashes – Liberian Products

Will this be possible that she don’t go back to Queens Night Club?

Bintu is a mother and a wife, there are lot of difficult moment women face being managers of clubs, could this be that it is all surrounding disrespect and other disadvantages from the owner or from business partners within the club? Bintu said in a short interview with Gossip Liberia;

The owner of the club is not someone that treats someone like family, when I had the accident, he came here once and that was it, apart from that no one else from the club cared to come see how I was feeling till today’s date, I think this time I should leave this with them and move on with what I can do.”

What next do we expect apart from the kitchen with Bintu?