The drama continues as celebrities bash out anger about how Liberians treat each other. Saytu Saye who’s also the CEO of a blog called, is in a really bad mood towards Liberians attitude toward her fellow Liberians when it shouldn’t just be about people personal life, but people should have a way to live the way they want to.

Visiting Liberia after a long period of time, Friday the Cellphone Man took his first-ever longest journey to Liberia to host a concert for which he had few issues with his speeches at the airport, this gives the media the chill to discuss it over and over, his appearance gives the people a very different feeling, earrings in every part of his ears, nose and his hair color seems so funny. It wasn’t a pleasing one to see as fans frowned at him.

Manager Saytu never liked that from the same people she called her people, she put out words about their attitude.

A mother of four saw posts on social media that was advocating on gay rights in Liberia and she welcomed the idea to be something good, she went on replying to posts that were not in favor of the rights to gay and lesbian in Liberia.

From her expressions, you could tell she’s fully in support of same sex marriage. She made few posts referring to people that are bashing at gay and lesbian, she said people should live and love who they want, that’s their right, they should not be criticized for their desire to be who they want to be, she further added that this is the reason why most men end up running away from relationships with women because they do not feel please in the relationship with the opposite sex, but have to hide it so they can’t be criticized for the path they have taken to be in.

As the advocacy go viral these days on social media, many which these people could just stop this and make a better plead, few ladies see it as an issue that leads to men leaving them with children that they never wish to have, but because the society pushes them against the wall to hide their sex life, so they end up with the opposite sex.

Making a statement about gay are hiding their way of life and ruining the lives of women only because they don’t feel safe or love the opposite sex. They should love who they want and live their lives.

How can we describe our artist that is managed by a lady that welcomes gay right?