Can Frank Artus win the war? Do you think he can actually take foreign movies from the Liberia market and stand strong against piracy in the market with Liberian movies?
If he wins, then it’s going to be benefiting to all movie houses and production media centers in Liberia and out of Liberia that produce Liberian movies.

There should be a standard in the kind of movies coming to the Liberia market, sitting as president of the Movie Union he set to make more changes only if he’s giving the support from all. Fighting a piracy war isn’t one man thing, it for the fans and the leaders or actors and directors to join hands and make this happen.

With this law, there will be more income and production will be more for the market. Liberians are watching to see how will this happen, but are the fans going to help fight this war or will they sit ABS watch the movie Union fight this alone? A big question that needs to be answered, but who’s going to answer it that’s the thing. As Liberians try to improve the movie skills without any theater art school, whereas the universities are not offering any lecture on movies, making, Liberians find it more difficult to get better movies out to the world but yet and still they are truly talented and can do better.

Let’s watch out for the best in Liberian movies as their leader strength a way to get the Liberians content in the local market.