Coming back home is just one of the things that most Liberians living in the diaspora always wish to do, just to come and make their voices be heard among their people and to also see friends, family and sometimes they come down to establish businesses and lot more as even looking for jobs (mostly in the government sectors).

Foreign Ward is a Liberia artist that is basing in the USA, he’s also a content developer in graphic and video production, Foreign came to Liberia to showcase his music and it was well welcomed by his fans and other artists within Liberia. he actually enjoyed the moment he had with everyone.

Foreign Ward and Few of Liberia top Entertainers in Liberia

he had a real big issue with the system(Government entities and How People Talk or approach matters), it can be seen that he has been involved with more than one embarrassment from Liberians who are work in government sectors base on his appearance, he even made mentioned on them calling him a deportee (This is real, they do this often).

Liberians in general at business places, government offices, and corporate entities, actually don’t know how to talk to their customers or those they are placed there to work for. This has been one of the biggest issues from receptionists, bankers, nurses, elders, and the little children are seen to be aggressive in their speeches. They are open to talk politely to people wearing coat suits, white men and women, people that speak in a foreign style, or people that dress exclusively and someone that look very huge and attractive in their eyes. The reception in Liberia is poor, this is because people overlook each other too much.

Below is the post made by Foreign Ward. This is so wrong.

His visit to Liberia wasn’t so bad, he had fun with all of his friends, colleagues, and the kids for which he said he loves so much. Liberian food is one of the most delicious things that nobody can resist, so as the women too. Foreign Ward celebrated the food applaud Liberians for the amount of food they give for the little amount that anyone affords.

Other people will say, Liberia has no food, but here is it, someone was grateful for what their country can offer them at a good price with enough to fill his stomach

Food Foreign Ward ate and appreciated


Last of all welcome to Liberia where overlooking how people think of you, approach you, and look at you doesn’t matter, the illiteracy rate is so high, but they are trying to be educated.

The last joke is that Foreign Ward felt he was ugly when he never saw his name amongst the ugliest Liberian Celebrity. This was somthing funny to see but he sounded like someone that needed that to be on his record.