We might see this as a no good sometimes, many people see it as an end game for people who believe in what they be doing with all their might, especially finding themselves in Liberia where supporting entertainment is like a tabu. Music they say is the food to the soul. First of all entertainment is a big thing that surround itself with pleasure, and a lot of excitement. Defining entertainment we will say it is the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment.

In the late 70’s came a black and white television movie called Balawala and Old Man Gonda, later came Bendu Sudan. These movies were the talk of the town, it was televised on the black and white television and recorded on cassette(that was a time of total uniqueness). This time passed by with Jame Dopoe, Fatu Gayflor and other old musician as well. We respect that they made our parents and grand parents had memories they can never forget.

As we merge into a new era, we strongly believe things have been recreated to sound good and look better. The studios and equipments for making music and developing videos has been upgraded. We are going to look at few names that stood up to the task of not letting our arts and culture died down when the truly believe that our country has more talents then ever before, and they decided to stand up and reach the name of Liberia beyond boundaries.

Takun J

Takun J : A living legend many people called him, yes it is true, the records are there. He has giving out powerful message in his songs that change the mindset of many Liberians, standing up to the ill in the society, he decided to run for a representative of his district, he never made it through but he never neglected his people. Takun J sang countless of songs that has no expiration date in the lives of many. One of his music that touch so many people is the one that talks about how the government lied to its citizens. This artists is a revolutionary artist that fear not the gun neither the words of politicians. Today many Liberians has seen the need to called him a living legend among others in the music industry. He’s presently a business man and a big daddy in the music arena.


DenG: It is sad to say this, but DenG has been the map to recognition for Liberian music reaching to MTV base nomination. DenG vocal has been his way of surviving through out, he has never disappointed his people when it comes to singing in pure colouah. He’s not a man that hold back his talent for any one to tell him, go out there and make it work. DenG took Liberia music as far as Nigeria singing with one of Nigeria too artist KCEE. The name DenG was never a name to be ignor when it comes to singing on stage with top stars that came to Liberia to perform. His style has not been copied, it has not been compare. DenG still remian as the only Liberia artist that no new artist has copy his style in singing to copy him completely. This makes him the number one unique artist in Liberia and he’s still banging even on feature songs.

DJ Weezy

DJ Weezy: Giving a man his flower when he’s alive is a real big deal for anyone to receive. DJ Weezy has been drawn into fight, he has been looked down on, under paid and thrown out of concert, but he’s a guy that never give up on what he believe in. Weezy passion for what he does is more then winning an award, he’s a big name to the Liberia music industry. Failure has been a success story for him, he never back down to try again. Looked at as one of the manager that is not financial competent in managing his artist, he still mange artist that hit Liberia just by giving his time to work 100% free to radio stations and do his job in promoting Liberia music 100% so the world can know that Liberia music is alive and we have artist that represent this nation. With his countless effort today Liberia music are played on every radio stations around the country. Weezy is currently an ambassador of Liberia copyright law. We now called him an ambassador. Weezy has been on top of the hit list since he left Radio DJ platforms.

Double H

Double H : Why do we called him Double H? That’s the question people be asking all day. If you want to know why, ask for his real name, that is if you don’t know already. Double H is not completely a Liberian by naturalization through birth, but he’s a Liberian. This man has developed programs, hosted events, open one of the biggest radio station(Hott FM/TV) in Liberia that broadcast world wide with more of what Liberia has to offer in entertainment. His creative mind has set space for many to follow his trend in bringing out new events after his tireless efforts of doing more for entertainers. Double H is truly a remarkable man that nobody can dare compare his achievements or accomplishments in Liberia through events organizing, Karaoke Nights, Pool Party and hosting of international artists, he has been there and is still there.

Paul Flomo

John Flomo: Laughter is so special that is makes even a mad man feel safe with himself. John Flomo isn’t the first comedian that has been seen in Liberia as a great comedian but he was one of the most known comedian, knocking Wendegar, Mayonnaise, Butinee and other great stand up comedian down. He’s not as funny as you think he should be but he never limited his art to face to face appearance. John went from being seeing from stage performance to visual appearance, where he welcomed Paul Flomo and other people on screen to make them understand that Comedy is a huge thing that send a message of mind changing to so many people. John Flomo comedy movies encouraged people and fans to purchase Liberia contents (Movies) that had his name on it. John Flomo success in the Liberia entertainment industry give more help to other actors to come out and do more, especially in comedy.

Queen V

Queen V: It is a hard true but she’s the first Queen in Liberia entertainment industry. She has been one of Liberia female artist that Unite female to do music as one, on a cypher that feature top and upraising female artists. Queen V has always been know for hitting through whenever she come with a new song. She’s fearless and has no one to compare her with when it comes to her game and holding the ground. As a female, she has hold the highest record in recognition among Liberian female artists. She’s the hottest in town whenever she comes back to Liberia.

Master Queen

Master Queen: The radio was going to be a dead end if there wasn’t a female DJ to battle the male DJ’s but there came a female DJ that has been doing her thing since she been as young as a learning child into anything it is daring to learn. Master Queen set up events and shows that hype artists in and out of Liberia. Her brilliant work encouraged other female to do what she’s doing. She’s like a teacher to those that came after her. Master Queen is not stopping soon from what she’s doing and what we are seeing.

Moses Swaray

Moses Swaray : Who knew a man like Moses will be a winner to a big show like A Star is Born, he came as a winner and snap the media by becoming one of the top artist in Liberia that where fighting to hear good sounds coming from his people. Moses is someone that hasn’t stop doing what got him recognition from day one, he’s a great gospel artist and a minister through music as well. If you ever came across Moses as a individual you will know he’s a brilliant and a creative man that don’t stay shy in praising God. Moses Swaray is a big deal to learn from as a gospel artist.

David Mell

David Mell : If he was living with his father when he sang about his father shoes, we are sure he will be gone far from carrying his father last name. David Mell fought his way and made it. He’s not just David Mell but the melody maker. He was and will forever be remember as the melody maker. His songs were sang on wedding, was prepare for apology in a broken relationship. David Mell is now a gospel artist. Got attack in a generator fire, he burn throughout, face and arms, but later recover after the help that was render to him. David has not lost his style and has never been copied by anyone. He’s another unique artist that nobody can reach to in comparing themselves with him. David never stop believing in Liberian music, even as he’s far from home.

These are few names that you don’t want to stop hearing about or searching on. These are people that branded themselves through their God given talents and those that fight to take Liberia music and arts out of Liberia on their own expense. Watch out for more interesting news and updates on Liberia top entertainers.

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