Following the investigation and report from the hospital on the cause of death, I will drop this! From here you as a peaceful citizen can gather facts, and get the cause of death of Miss. Odell Sherman. Let us read through and work wisely to find out how this happens and how it will end! Liberians everywhere are posting and mentioning about the death of this teenager, Miss Sherman. The giving report from ELWA hospital, we can carefully work on defining the cause of her death to the common man understanding. We can’t be too judgmental on the family the body was found in their yard. The police took the case and they are working on it.

The Liberia national police have revealed that an autopsy is expected to be done on the body. The question here “Is this case going to be like Little Angel case?” The body of this teen of 22 years old, was found in the home of Rev. Emmanuel Giddings at the Duazonhn community in Margibi County.

Her out cold body was said to be discovered by one of the young man living in the yard, Abraham for which is his name, presently he’s an ongoing investigation at the Liberia National Police headquarter. Following the report of her case when finding out cold, she was taken to the ELWA hospital where she died after an hour.

Further investigation from around states that Miss Odell was not camping with other students at Rev Giddings residence.

The report from the hospital points out that the probable cause of death intracranial hemorrhage 2-degree trauma, Ear infection 2 degrees left otorrhagia. At age, 22 Miss Odell P. Sherman died on May 24, 2019. The exact date for the autopsy is unknown but police disclosed that they have asked the Ministry of Justice to contact a pathologist to conduct the autopsy.

Rev. Giddings has since been declared a person of interest by the police, although he has not been officially charged. At least two persons are currently undergoing investigation and were released to their lawyers.

More details are unfolding.