FIFA is expected to build a $20M stadium in Liberia. According to LFA President Mustapha Raji, the stadium will be owned by the Liberia Football Association. Unlike the Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex that is owned by the government of Liberia.

The Liberia Football Association is setting up a training program for secondary school football coaches.

DoxxBet Liberia and the Liberia Football Association will sign a three-year sponsorship deal worth U.S $100k.

The construction of the Liberia Football Association headquarters is expected to begin this October. The project costs U.S $1.5M and it’s expected to be completed in 17 months. CESAF Liberia will carry on the construction of the building that will be located in Congo Town.

Upragrading the Tusa field, SKD Complex outfield pitch and the Doris Williams Stadium in Basaa. Artificial turfs will be installed. Works have begun at the Tusa Field and SKD pitch.

Upgrade at the Tusa Field in Gardnersville will include artificial turf and Stadium lights so that it’ll host night league games. The project has begun with the fencing.

About 8,400 footballs will be distributed to community, third division, second division, women’s division and first division teams in the country by the LFA. EACH of the 365 community league team will receive 10 footballs. Also, 1000 football to schools.

Credit: Wesleysport