Lortonio Tokpah affectionately known as Lortonio born and raised in the U.S. Is an American-Liberian international singer and songwriter that has placed Liberian music on the international scene with her unconquerable style of music and performances. Her quintessence and uniqueness of music have led her Internationally to bring that copied style of singing to the Liberian Music Industry. Her voice is so resonant, dazzling, and inspiring. Her trending single “Mi Like” features Rosa Ree an international dancehall Goddess from Tanzania and her songs have been aired in several North/West Africa. She has worked with many top-notch artists within the Liberian music industry.

The Liberian international music star and her energetic and hard-working team have been working surreptitiously to put mechanisms in place for what is forthcoming. In the Liberian Music Industry, she has one of the vital working teams that always fills in every gap and makes her feel more lyrical and inspirational. Moreover, she executes every stage she hit with ease, and by making the multitude more excited over the said performance.

Lortonio At An Interview On LNTV Liberia
Lortonio At An Interview On LNTV Liberia

Lortonio has worked with several international Tanzanian artists like Amber Lulu, Rosa Ree” etc. And she is set to do more international collaborations as we kick the start of the next year 2023. Proficiency of Lortonio is a trusted and boastful one because of her vitality and compassion for music. She eventually hit the spotlight and rose to fame.

Lortonio At A Interview
Lortonio on an Interview

Stream her latest music video “Mi Like” 

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