Some people are confused as to why this 40-year-old married woman, a radio DJ in the USA, a mother, and someone who recently had a lot of followers that liked her and followed her for her personality, why is she dressing this way, and now things are going wrong. Let’s look at the picture she posted recently that got the attention of her fans by throwing jabs at her.

There have been a lot of comments based on how these pictures were taken, comments like; why she even wears such underwear first of all, and why is she looking mentally ill. Too many comments and some people even said due to her consistent mode of going nude in her dressings they have unfollowed her.

That’s how far the fans have seen and received from their female DJ who’s trying to show off her sexy body at age 40, but others are thinking she’s going insane and doesn’t represent what she’s putting out to the public, but with a much clearer view you can see from the picture below that she’s a beautiful woman.

Now the question here is, what do you think DJFynest is going through and what is she up to with all these nude kinds of dressing recently?

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