Music around the world seems to be one of the best ways to make any nation be seen as a place where good things come from, it built the tourism sectors as it attracts businessmen and women to come and invest as investors come in to get a brand ambassador from the lyrics they have sold out through videos and audio as they push hard to brand models, cities, communities and other beautiful sites in music videos and a lot more.

Creating contentious stories that could help and do helps most entertainers has been the mark of the day where these polemical stories brand these entertainers into a big image, but how far or what do they benefit from it?

Many fans wish they could see Liberian artists, actors, and designers getting all they can from what they know or are doing, but the case is different, fans have been in serious here broken moments as they have seen their top artists and stars still struggling to get the life they deserve, they wish they could compare Liberian artists living condition with other international artists and entertainers around Africa before we include the entire world.

Nothing hurts more like a star who rises from the top and falls below his or her belt so flat that people hardly recognize who they were before, such thing happens in Liberia, where fans scarcely give support in cash but want artists or other entertainers to live as other international entertainers. Here’s a fan who wrote a sad post that expresses his emotion through it. He said:

Fans Write up… Emotional post

It is heartbroken that things like this surface on the media every year. The question here is, who’s to blame for this and how is it possible that these entertainers get what they deserve from their creativity?