We find this notice necessary as a means of honoring your call as our dedicated followers and genuine supporters. Christina’s disqualification was predicated upon, among other offenses, our House Rules/Regulations and agreement signed between the organizers and every housemate, which expressly states therein that: “any Housemate who goes against any of the rules THREE TIMES shall be disqualified with immediate effect.


She broke Section A, Article 7, 11 and 24 of the rules and regulation of BBL2020-House of Drama.
Article 11 of the House of Drama Regulations:
No matter how tense the situation is or how frustrated you are, physical aggression is not permitted. You must not throw or spray any object on/at your fellow Housemate angrily or break any items in the House or destroy anything based on your vexation.

Last week, Christina and Fickilicious sprayed liquefied deodorant into each other’s faces based on a misunderstanding, and this led to Christina’s first strike and Fickilicious’ second strike in the House.

Article 11 of House of Drama Regulations:
As long as you are still in the House, it is mandatory to partake in all regulatory exercises and assignments.

Since her entry into the House of Drama, Christina has always been the last housemate to wake up and reach the exercise grounds. After warning from Brabee regarding her lateness and “I don’t care” attitude, she again missed exercises two times again without any concrete reason. This led to her second strike last week even before the nomination process kicked off.

Article 11 of House of Drama Regulations:
You are not allowed to form alliances or scheme to plot the downfall of a fellow Housemate.

On Tuesday evening, a stained underwear (pantie) was found under Rica’s pillow. The situation caused serious confusion amongst the Housemates. On the spot, during the heat of the confusion, Christina said it was not blood stains and they all agreed to take the underwear to the bathroom for confirmation. Sialyn then drenched the underwear with water and they all discovered that indeed, it contained bloodstains.

Right there and then, Christina pointed accusing fingers at Evangeline and the accusation didn’t go well with Evangeline, which led to a serious altercation that night.

As a serious matter Christina was interviewed by the Organizers alongside the Technical team and she admitted carrying out the act.

To maintain peace amongst them and to protect the integrity of the project; we asked the Head of House and his deputy to have a meeting with other Housemates and decide whether or not Christina should be disqualified. Eventually, they voted her out of the game and we had to act accordingly.

The Big Brabee Liberia Reality Television Show was not developed to tarnish the hard earned reputation of any Housemate or to dent their image, rather we set out to promote and broadcast their individual creativity, unique characters, potentials and competence to the world at large.

In as much as our maiden edition is tagged “House of Drama,” discipline remains an outstanding hallmark governing this reality show.

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God bless you for your support and huge following.