Hit after hit, the artists tend to make his name reign among top-rated artists like CIC, CJay, Stunna, Bucky Raw, Christoph, Jslught, Jaredo and the list go on. Boifatty last year came in the game with his first hit song, back to back, songs after songs all been a hit. Rumors spreading that the artist was in an affair with one of Liberia female promoter and blogger, Fanta Konneh, lately he has been noticed in pictures and videos with a model from iModel, Miatta Larmie (Mia Mia) in clubs and at some quiet areas.

Boifatty and Miatta Larmie (Mia Mia)

That’s just the teasing part of the whole news, now let us see what Boifatty is facing in the industry.

Fatty which’s from the soil of Nimba county got hits after hits, label records started calling after him to sign record deals, label records like, SOG, CSE, Bilikon ENT and Blue Links, as well as few well-known label records in the country. Haven’t signed to any new label record things seem to be falling apart with his present team DMG, which includes artist Mr. Parble and Flex Beat. Boifatty has been spotted on several occasions with Lyee Bility, the CEO of Bilikon ENT; they are seen in clubs, at events and the list goes on. It’s like Fatty is taking a step off DMG to Bilikon Ent where he sees more light in pushing his career forward, leaving SOG, CSE and other label records and going to Bilikon is a self-choice.

DMG Team
  • DMG last year in December hosted a couple of shows, in Montserrado county and one in Kakata city. News reaching the entire DMG team about the departure of Boifatty gives them chills and feels disappointed with the news they are hearing. It is no longer a secret to see that Boifatty is going to sign a record deal with Bilikon Ent, where he has to meet with CJay, Killer Beats, and Yung Zee. If he’s thinking of going to SOG, he has to meet a new team, CIC, LDrez, and Jaredo, at the moment SOG Is only focusing on LDrez to hit the scene, so if he gets a deal with them, how is he going to make the progressive moves he’s presently trending with, and Lyee is focusing on Cjay, and to a certain extent, you can tell that Boifatty is not an artist who can be kept under the carpet as Yung Zee and Killer Beats been, their (Killer Beats and Yung Zee) music isn’t the kind that makes a demand for shows or their fans are not so much attracted to them individually then the brand (Bilikon Ent) they are in. The only what if here is Blue Links that over several years we haven’t heard one big artist from them.[fvplayer id=”7″]

Let us see how Boifatty makes this choice, if his fans are to decide which one of the team to go in, which one will they consider? CSE, Bilikon Blue Links, or SOG?