The surprise engagement that is causing shock to many young people online right now. Some are saying, No Time, Sianeh has been with her ex for many years and wasn’t engaged but in a new relationship that social media citizens haven’t seen for six months, Young engaged his lover from The Tribe. This engagement is making young girls to ask for a new relationship as they are seeing the old ones they are in is not giving them a ring 💍 as assurance, they are asking for a man like Young and leaving a man like Sianeh Ex Cyrus(🥺 this is a brutal Statement from these girls 😜), (as it is said, nobody want to know the other side of the story, but congratulations is what everyone want),

that there’s no time to wait too long for guys that are not ready to make it official, but they are forgetting to know one of Liberia musicians called 4Gee once said, “Engagement is not marriage,” so they shouldn’t be rushing other guys because of Sianeh success on her engagement, but your put other people heart in trouble as other ladies are now talking about getting into new relationships.

Click link to watch the engagement Video

But wait o, why is she looking like she’s in the family way? If that’s the case then it’s a double congratulations to the newly engaged celebrity.

People are asking why she and her old boyfriend/small-time boyfriend broke up, it was a relationship that everyone was proud of, and was following, a relationship that nobody knows why she and Cyrus broke up. Below is a grid of she and her ex

Here’s the last picture Sianeh and Cyrus posted when they went to Ghana on a vacation. 👇

People are saying they don’t know where the TikTok giant came from and took the gym guy girl from… 😂 but we are here to see what comes out of this for the internet family 😛

Guys, are you ready to be like Young and get your Sianeh engage in Six Months right after meeting her? 😂 😛

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