Rumors spread faster especially when there’s a lot of bad news in it, and our Liberia community is the main place for such.

This morning a blog that is noted for spreading bad news about fans, celebrities, and public figures, a blog called Morning Gees posted that Christoph The Change was seen selling a chair and television owned by him to a motorcyclist.

A few days ago our blog has a time out on Carey Street in Monrovia city where there is a lot of trending news about all the public figures in the country and we heard that Christoph was taken to Ghana for the second time to get treaten and helped recover from the life people don’t see fit for him which he was getting in, but it didn’t help this time, the artist came back even looking more worse off than ever, as gossip went from one mouth to another, it has been spreading around that even bike riders refuse to ride Christoph because he doesn’t pay for services, and they don’t feel good riding him around, cos he’s often seen with Zogos in the central street Palm grooves graveyard, so they are not satisfied with him being carried on their bikes.

Sad times have hit the life of the Nyanga brothers as it has always been a fight for the best they want in this life, but Chris who’s the little brother of Alexander Nyenga who’s well known as Jackie Russ, videographer and artist, and producer who has and is still fighting all odds to make life.

Alexander posted his thoughts on social media and it seems like he has lost all hope this time on what is going on, either his business or his brother, but we are sure it is his brother because when it comes to Alexander, he works harder to keep his business fruitful and productive no matter how hard things are.

After the passing of their mother, things have been hard with the family she left behind, her kids are truthful, and hard to figure out things with their brother, Christoph who once said he saw Bendu Su dan(a ghost-like in a mystery tale), and since then, this man has been out of his mind and doing the unexpected things. Sad times doing hard times is a real worst time to see.

What’s the next step Jackie Russ gonna take to make his brother’s condition better?

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