Liberian young entrepreneur Don Fixer aka Don 40, is the founder and chief executive officer of The Swagg Nation Group INC. and owner of various Line of other business ranging from Clothing line, Real estates to a modern Security Firm.

Don Fixer aka Don 40

His successful business ventures have made him one of the wealthiest people in the Liberia, even though most might not know he owns Swagg nation due to his very private and very reserved nature.

Don 40 seems to have studied the Liberian music industry and plan on changin the dynamics of artiste thus by starting his own record label ( SWAGG MUSIC GROUP).. Under his label he has a very promising up and coming very talented Afro Dancehall artiste by the name Cheady Mayor.

Cheady Mayor aka Asian Money

Cheady Mayor aka Asian Money. Does Afro dancehall and coming from his label Zaybay Town Records but now currently under The Swagg Nation Music Group owned by Don 40. Cheady Mayor is already on his way to dropping a new song under the management of Swagg Nation, his super fans, his team and other promoters can’t wait for it from this promising young artiste.

Having a man like Don 40 believing in Liberia’s entertainment is a plus to the industry and could someday help in empowering more young Liberians through his successful life as a business man.

You can find him on Audio mack

Liberia should watch out for him and SWAGG NATION MUSIC GROUP.