Dominic Barry a Liberian who’s residing in the United States, a man that believes in his dreams and making sure they became a reality. In a land that is full of opportunities Dominic doesn’t just sit to waste it on the beautiful things, the luxury lifestyles, but he’s creative, effective and someone that wants to be branded with the best the world can offer when it comes to those who said: “I made it no matter what, I got my name in history.”

He’s a musician, a designer, and a family man. His name on stage and as an artist is called Dollaz Deniro, his brand is called War Design, while War Records is a label that produces his music and War Design is for his clothing and shoe line.

Seeing in recent pictures standing with Curtis James Jackson III, known professionally as 50 Cent, where he was introducing himself and his work to a legend that started even way below the opportunity chain of success but is now a million dollars owner of many thing.
A Liberian brother giving the opportunity to meet any great man, you know what he will do. He has a caption attached with two pictures and the caption reads“GOAT 🐐 50cent✍🏽💎👑🙏🏿.

If you decide to follow up on Dollaz Deniro it will be great you go for his YouTube Channel and make it busy by screening his music and videos, most of you won’t know him like that because he’s not into the drama but rather into money-making and doing classical music for which he brands himself with all and not restricted to Liberians vibe alone.
His recent video that was dropped on his Channel called “Make That Call” got 15K views in 6 months, while four years ago he dropped his first music on YouTube calling it “Finessing The World.” This got 1.8K views, his most watched music video is City of Gods,” he featured Jandro and the music video got 33K views in one year.

This artist videos and concept are exceptional. Get to know him and visit his online store for purchasing his brand. Believe it or not, if you are a fan of 50 Cent, Nelly, PDaddy, LL Cool J, and the list goes on, you will surely be this artist fan.

The Mean gossip in one scene of Dollaz Deniro’s latest pictures with 50 Cent is…

In his latest picture taken you can see him wearing his brand with top to bottom branded with Nigeria flag on shirt and wearing a branded sneaker from his War Design along with Nigeria name on it. We know many will ask why he’s not wearing Liberia shirt and the sneaker to meet 50 Cent but another country, first thing the man is a businessman, he goes with the flow of cash and profit-making,

Nigerians support system is huge and they pay, so if Liberians have issues with that, let them buy more and put a brother business on the top… at the end of the day, Dollaz Deniro got himself a bottle of Branson Cognac, try the drink too, it’s good and you will wish to have some great evening ride with it along with your buddies.
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