Re Van had it rough in the house when he realized his cousin could not take him as a family only because of the price at hand, yet his Cous show him no loyalty and no love. Could Delvin be seen as the wolf in sheep clothing?

Okay, my dms been buzzing and everyone wants to know why I posted my nice lil post after receiving great news.
Some people may see me as cruel and evil but here’s why I did that.

“Why I’m happy Delvin wasDisqualified”

  1. Before entering Brabee’s house Delvin made it known to several people that I’m lying on his name that I’m not his cousin, that I’m a poor ratchet orphan who his aunties felt pity for and adopted me .
    When I call the young fellow he said the accusations were false, he even stated “Your friends are not my friends, who telling you these lies”, and “I don’t talk to certain class of people especially gossipers”.
  2. Delvin had the chance to save me the first week, I was the only individual he knew in the house but brother boy gave me a nasty smile and chose random people just so I can go home but my ley orphan a$$ lasted three unforgettable weeks.
  3. Delvin took all opportunity to belittle me and make me feel like I didn’t belong, he was right I didn’t belong, I was too real to be apart of the fake ness,he wanted a nice sidekick he would use for relevance to use as houseboy but ley other houseboy mouth bad.
  4. The young man was HOH, he made me work like jackass, I mon stack freezer again. I wasn’t well the night before, he knew that, Rica was hangover he knew that but still he assigned us to the kitchen in order for us to misbehave and be send home but unfortunately I clean the shidd outta that kitchen, I didn’t argue, I smiled 😁.
  5. After few side gossip about me he would then paint a different picture to the ones he didn’t gossip about me to.
    Everyone who watched BBL knows I’m a chichi poly but anything I say about you if you ask me I’ll tell you, ley good part of being in the house you can only cuss me, if you hit me, you go home
    So I made use of my gayla
  6. The young fellow played his game right I must commend him for that, the mind games and manipulations were epic and when I try to warn the fellow housemates with limited brain power that he’s playing with them, he would come back and say how I I’m gossip that I’m not on his level and I’ve not achieved what he’s achieved. I’m waiting for his list of achievements bro ☺️
  7. His mouth was TOXIC, the ghetto cussing he did was too much, the boy insulted countless of people in the house. The boy cuss women nasty insults 🤢 (Ice bag P$$$$$) ewwwww.
    He even threaten to beat me countless of times and I was patiently awaiting the beating
  8. THIS IS BRABEE REVAN YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS TO LEAVE MY HOUSE, after these words was said and tears filled my eyes, my fellow contestant rushed to my aid and extended sympathy but not my cous oh, ley boy look in my face and smiled🙂
    My heart broke that minute and I thought to myself this isn’t a game he’s playing, this shid is personal.
  9. Why out of the house the young man said that he loved me and that he would mentor me, his tales were so sweet that it would make you believe what he saying is actually true but it wasn’t, brother boy said he can’t wait to see me again but why on Friday when we made our surprising entrance his batter got weak and stayed in the bathroom for a long while, he returned with a fake smile that ended all fake smiles, I walked over to say hi and his batter got weak again and he stayed in the bathroom for another long while.I walked over to greet him and he cut his eyes and continued smoking his shisa.

So these are the few reasons why I’m gald that Jesus is working for my good.

I leave with this short note, I hold no personal grudge for no one, I understand the individual and I decided to stay away from him in the house but still he did what he did.Some people reading this will say why boy is doing all these things to his own family, you know what I got to tell you people, wait for BBL CDs to be out, watch it and you’ll understand my story.I want everyone to understand that these issues are issues that was seen on tv, some people still pinning me out to be the bad guy so lemme clear my side, they na calling me back to the house to explain so let my lil fb help me with that.
Family tree can bend but it can never break, I love you big cous but the people need to know, I can’t keep quiet 🤫 .

Have a nice night and enjoy my selfie 😁.

I said what I said and I move ( in my Evangeline voice)