Deputy ministry at MICAT, Min. Boakia M. Fofana Sr, comes back at Henry P. Costa for saying that the only fire service truck Liberia has was giving to Liberia by Ex Vice president Joseph Nyuma. Boakai. Min Fofana reminded the Liberia people that this is not true and it is not a thing to be saying as to how politics should go. Looking at someone that see it necessary to help his people, and feels its best to give the Liberia people hope and assurance through sharing updates with them as to push their lives ahead with hope for a better Liberia. Henry P. Costa has made it a way to keep Liberians on their feet with news that make the country looks like the present government don’t care about it’s citizens, leaving all the facts aside he still push it harder on the government once there’s a room for such when a disaster takes place, with such opportunity he push his way through with what news satire. Costa still tries to hide it even if it is seen or has been recorded years that this government, President Weah’s government is doing its best, with so much seen as Propaganda from one leadership to another, it has not helped the people of Liberia but divided the citizens through political thoughts instead of uniting them as Liberians under the oath of the national pledge.

This is what Henry Costa Posted (Screenshot)

Leaving this on the internet via his Facebook page, it gives out a bigger rejection to a leader that wants to lead, with records as to how long Ex-Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai has been in governmental positions and has not shown too much of what expected of him to his people as to what they got from him when serving in government offices, this gives the Liberian people doubts as to why will it only be when he’s president before he will do something for his people. Henry gives a sold-outpost without remorse as to how the masses will see or understand this.

Let’s look at what the Deputy Minister of information Cultural and Tourism said about the above post from Henry Costa. (Screenshot)

Below are screenshots of media outlets that posted updates on the fire service trucks and buses that were giving to Liberia by the Indian government, on February 2020 these articles were recorded on several media outlets.

How is it possible that the government only have one fire service truck for which was donated by Ex-Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai and many media outlets in and out of Liberia reported several of such that was given to Liberia by the Indian government in 2020? Liberians awaits more answers as they lost lives, investments, homes to fire outbreaks in the country.

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