MONROVIA, Sept. 17 (LINA) – Deputy Information Minister for Technical Services, Mr. Boakai M. Fofana, has expressed grave concern over the use of obscene and vulgar contents by the media, especially in radio and television broadcasts.

He said this practice, which has come to the attention of the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism, involves mainly advertising firms and media houses, noting that this is completely “unacceptable” and in violation of the guidelines given media entities upon issuance of their permits to operate.

He said the guidelines handbook is explicit on the publication or broadcast of obscenity and nudity, that could lead to the revocation of the permit to operate a media house.

“All permits are subject to renewal on an annual basis, but a permit could be withdrawn for breach of media ethics as outlined in the guidelines,” Minister Fofana told the Liberia News Agency in an interview on Tuesday in Monrovia.

He cited an advert on a certain whiskey that talks explicitly in sex language that could be offensive to some segments of the society.

“This is extremely bad for children hearing thes4kinds of advertisements. The media is supposed to educate the public, but is this the kind of education we want for our children? Minister Fofana asked.

He recalled: “When we were kids, the broadcaster would blur certain scenes unhealthy for children to view or hear to avoid the negative impacts that such could have on the little ones and society.”

Minister Fofana cautioned that MICAT is urging all to adhere to its guidelines which prohibit the publication and airing of indecent materials.

“We call on managers at these institutions to carefully scrutinize any work they receive from the public before airing/publishing. Media institutions and firms failing to comply with this advice will face the appropriate administrative sanction in keeping with MICAT’s statutory mandate,” he warned.

Source : Liberia News Agency