Remembering the death of late President Samuel Kayon Doe is not an easy thing for any Liberian to forget so easily, especially 30 years back when this whole civil war become a brutal one with too many blood shares. His death was not something anyone loves to witness, though many were and still mad at him for the death of the men who he prosecuted behind the mansion, he killed fathers that were serving the state this which led to too many hard feelings that resulted to long civil wars and there were other political issues.

In remembrance of what happened and how he was killed, David Webb took to the Internet and wrote these words.

On this very day 30 years ago Liberia President was lured, deceived and betrayed notably by his planted aide n spokesman Salleh Thompson and Arnold Quainoo of the Ghanaian army. Doe was captured by the brutal rebel commander and bloodthirsty psychopath Prince Johnson and tortured to death.

Doe entire entourage were disarmed by General Quainoo put between two containers and massacred by Prince Johnson rebel. More than 70 highly trained unarmed military personnel were murdered that day.

Lt. General Arnold Quainoo

The late old Bioma Barclay Doe last defence minister was amongst those killed. I pulsed to welcome additional information concerning that fateful September 9 1990.