The president request to print new notes must be denied, not out of hate nor out of envy, but out of logic and great wisdom.

In two years from now, the Eco will come into play in west Africa, it will bring along with it, huge benefit to countries in distress and share her pains and downturns with bigger and more prosperous nations in West Africa, who employ more people, manufacture more, export more, with greater respect for the rule of law,

Understandably, we can focused on greater things now than printing such notes

Introducing new currencies into the Liberian economy is unnecessary at this time in our economy trajectory.

Moving forward, the mop up exercise went on in Liberia and till date it is still under investigation, the final report or knowledge may embarrasses the very foundation of financial accountability in our financial management sector.

Again upon taking a closer look at what is expected to be achieved by new note printing, then indeed their is no need to do such, since the old cash in circulation are cost to 75% in the hands of people at home, with less incentives to keep such in the banks, either the influx of grade a printed fake notes in circulation, printing new notes will only encourage greater inflation.

Market chronology, with the market forces against stability of the local currency, of what importance is a new currency infusion? Every sector of the economy is terrible and needs revamping, no amount of cleansing through new currency printing, will keep the 23.5% inflation rate from going higher.

Our economy is unstable to an extend, though we not manufacturing nothing, simply because we have rights to the lost powerful currency on earth. The United States Dollar.

This brews me to the opinion being expressed by some characters who feel a single currency is what we need, though we cannot manufacture nothing, absolutely nothing.

The bottom line of it all, corruption in itself, is manifested a great deal in damaging Andy partially great idea that could aid better structured ideas and political will.

Thus. New notes, is bad for us right now, if 30million us should be infused into Liberia and directed at 3 counties for agricultural advancement to feed this county, it will make more economics sense than printing notes

Again, should the government not be thinking about, restructuring the banking sector, paying attention to building structures in central bank and rebranding her damaged image?

Which in turn will encourage more savings in the financial or banking sector, this madness is crazy.

Now the Bottom line, increase employment through strong Creative means, one that stands out totally is TOURISM TOURISM TOURISM.

As an Ambassador of tourism in this time and age, in a country whose land is extremely beautiful, from the Jill’s of docur, to the water ways of west point, st Paul river, du river, lake Paso, the lofa mountains, to the water falls of Bong sinoe etc.

Mr. President commit the government to developing TOURISM AND SEE HOW MUCH, THE PRIVATE SECTOR WILL PULL IN, starting with my company,

$10,000usd will be our start up contribution and not the print and change of currency you trying to run behind

Lastly, what is in this that is so urgent, that was not urgent. Which allowed 25m usd to be used for mop up then. Who is paying for this print? What are we putting kn for exchange?

Let us focus and make this system with political will successful.

Christopher Hayes Onanuga
Chief executive office

Source: Koolonline2