The news spreading these days has been unsettling and can’t be soften by anyone easily but those accused in the act of such news. After the arrest of Mr. Waterspoon by the American government by crime he committed in the United States, Waterspoon has been shadowed by his own judgment and left to decided when he will fully be imprisoned, that will be after his final trial.

As it become tense and more scary as names of present government leaders names are popping out in the case or associated with the criminal held in the United States which is Mr. Waterspoon, also there’s a news that need clarity about Mayor Jefferson Koijee which he’s not giving any insights to, base on what was said about him by one of his commandant that happens to leave Liberia for the United States of recent. With multiple things said against the Mayor of Monrovia, he refuse to come out to speak in concerns as to what was said about him. Leaving no stone unturned, we are in the era of heavy reformation, were political games are being played to the heights level, and such allegations against him from a close person, it truly needs clarity, but the mayor said he’s going to play deaf and dumb on that one. Why, is it a fact that’s why he has nothing to say?

After being accused the second within few weeks of the first news on him, another one came up about him having to make a call to Mr. Waterspoon as to settle things, things which were not mentioned in depth, but Mayor Koijee made a refuser to that, which he wrote.

After this being said, there were lot of comments refusing this statement, some felt he deserved what is coming for him, and him being associated with crime isn’t just a thing to be ignored because on many occasion people has made report on him and his action towards them, either by him or people who work for him carrying out acts by his command, so he shouldn’t be afraid of accusations that seems to come out doing this time.