Democracy is for the people, by the people, and for years it has been practiced in Liberia through most leaders’ leadership from day one. Ahead of the 2023 elections, the government is trying to make sure that citizens are getting things right with the military, the national police, and the list go on with other governmental divisions.

Today the Liberia National Police posted on their office Facebook page showcasing their kind work of distribution of food to protestors, this sends a bigger message to the world that Liberia is ready for peace and not war or any form of violence amongst its citizens or anyone who’s residing within Liberia. The deputy information minister, Min. Boakai M Fofana, Sr, shared three different pictures of three different countries’ police brutalizing its citizens doing protest, he did portray pictures of recent protests in Sierra Leone, and other countries comparing Liberia to them, but later he deleted the post, reasons why we don’t know because have been times where Liberians or peaceful protesters were brutalized by police, but we let that slide down.

This took up the pen of a few social activists and one of which is Strong Kpana Pekin, he made a post that didn’t go down well with Minister Boakai M Fofana, Sr. who came back at him in the name of the president of Liberia to defend his superior and leader.

Minister Boakai M. Fofana Sr. Seems to be doing his job not only at the office of the ministry but also on social media using replying to some strong activists who always misunderstand the government’s invention by doing its best, but most time people politicize things for parties’ gain instead of the gain of the entire country. The biggest question is, will he continue to come back at everyone on social media to defend this government or he’s having a new social ministerial position to comment and back all issues against the government? Politics is sweet but it has a lot of defending to do.

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