In 2021 we noticed the artist was still dragging things with Lonestar Cell MTN as an ambassador, it was clear to see he was not on any billboards, and the list of almost all the programs MTN had Cralor boy wasn’t on any, with no news to hit the media, everyone has been thinking the artist was still an ambassador of Lonestar Cell MTN.

Rumors have been in the air that the management of SOG records and Cralor Boi had no terms and agreement again with MTN way before the entire SOG and CIC signed off their endorsements deal as an artist under the label.

Orange GSM has been on county tour with several artistes in Liberia. They have been working to showcase Liberian artists to the country through their anniversary and other activities in Liberia, this means has brought a lot of talented artists together where they can get paid for their services through their craft. CIC made a post today showing that he is now a free man to work with any brand in Liberia, he made a post under the banners of Orange GSM performing as one of the many artists in the city of Buchanan last night.

Now people are asking how is it that they didn’t see him out of Lonestar MTN and he’s now with Orange GSM performing as one of the many artists.