The pursuit of education is high on the agenda of Liberian youths. As they find their way to Asia for studies and some Europeans countries in search of a better education.

Looking at the news on the CORONAVIRUS it has reached to the place where Americans living in China are departing from the country due to the increase of the virus. There are other nationalities in China, some are there for businesses, education and personal things. As the virus spreads people are getting worried around the world as to how fast the virus will spread and how it can really be avoided.

In China there are approximately 477 Liberians students studying in different fields of studies; 76 of them are in Wuhan, the areas mostly affected by the deadly CORONAVIRUS and more than 5,000 Liberians are trading between China and Liberia yearly; 5,974 cases confirmed in Wuhan, 130 dead, 200 Americans evacuated to Alaska and are quarantined.

With the level of danger the citizens of Liberia are facing out there to this dead virus, Liberia government haven’t said anything about getting a quarantine center build at the international airport of Liberia to get its people protected in a distance land that is rising high in this deadly virus.

There have been many concerns about this virus, it is already in Ivory Coast and to make this easy to come to Liberia, we haven’t heard about a protective measures that is taken at the boarders between Liberia neighboring countries.This virus is deadly as Ebola was, what prevention is the minister of health is putting in place for its citizens?