Yesterday was on fire as Benita clashed with one of Liberia’s most feared bloggers. Her reaction was fueled by an article he wrote on her “ A new leaf or a rotten fruit, which of these should we call Benita Urey?“, This story written by PepperKalaafrica Ceo had every spice and ingredient to boil the curiosity of any being to question the Life that Benita Urey lives.

With such story which couldn’t do but cause an earthquake, Benita in her quick temper nature replied without calculating with a story through her Platform saying things that were lies about the award winning blogger Edwin Elic-Jaleiba. Our team can easily conclude that all she said were false because few hours later she cowardly deleted the story from her platform. Eventhough Benita has surrender to the Supreme power of Edwin who is better than her in every way the coin turns as relating to blogging in and out of Liberia, we still felt it was necessary to hear from the horses mouth on the war between him and Benita.

Benita reaching out to Elic after he dropped his article from

Edwin was interviewed through a phone call and all he said oozes out unique intelligence. The PepperKala Boss clearly stated out that Benita is too small for him to engage in a fight with, he was clear with the fact that she even came into his inbox to cause trouble but he didn’t count it necessary to reply because she appeared to him as a little kid that doesn’t know her left from her right. He provided screenshots of how Benita was harassing him and he said if all he said wasn’t true about her she wouldn’t be expressing such immaturity. Edwin erased all the lies told against him by Benita, he said that he wouldn’t be this successful as a blogger if he was writing out of hate, he said that the reason why he is not all over the place like Benita is because he is not chasing cheap popularity. Edwin is highly respected for well penned criticism, which has been of help to the industry as a leading light through the dark thoughts of their ignorance into the bossom of knowledge and wisdom. To counter the gay Allegations that was made against him, Edwin said that if Benita truly had proves like she said, She would have happily exposed him and shamed him.

How fans reacted to The Liberian Influence post made calling a man gay and asking them to be aware of him. Fans reactions
Elic won best Blogger Award 2018 at LYA

But since she’s a blatant liar she finally chickened out when harsh views were being directed at her by her readers on how irrelevant she has made her platform with false information on such a reputable personality as Edwin Elic-Jaleiba. While talking to us, Edwin shared a screenshot from Celebrity Karishma Karishma who messaged him encouraging him not to be bothered by Benita’s lies. If Edwin is homosexual as Benita may have pronounced, Karishma Karishma message to him would have brought out skeletons from his closet.

Fan comment to The Liberian Influence Post made on Elic.

Edwin who was the Editor in chief and Assistant General of PlusLiberia made it clear that he is still very close to his PlusLiberia family. He was a Co owner of the media company but left everything behind not because of misunderstanding but because he felt it was time to explore paths untouched by many. Edwin has inspired thousands of Liberians with his articles and media strategies and PR skills, and he is still working harder each day to do greater things without any thought of quitting.

Karishma Karishma message Elic about Benita action towards him calling him a gay.