By: Augustus Gad Toomey

I definitely expecting many views on this including those that will prejudices me.

George Weah was accused of being a gay man everyone of you argued that even if he was it must in know way stop him from contributing to Nation development now his Raval Alex Cummings is accused the same way and You want it to remain as a political stigma for him and a political goal for you to score. Hell No.

Liberia Backward Development is not as a matter of one’s Personal Social and sex life style, if a man/woman chooses to be gay, or Straight has had no contribution to under development in Liberia but instead at his or her advantage and disadvantage.

It could be a problem if one has his or her life style affecting the Economy, the growth to development, investment, The Legal Knowledge or System, As A Violation to best practices, an action that violates the organic laws and not obtaining their or safety and fundamental rights too.

In as much as our Constitution has made specific references on the illegality of Same sex, it also speaks of the rights of choices in life to be granted by the Republic, it also speaks of Corruption as a Crime, theft as a crime, Rape as a Crime, and many other felonious and misdemeanor issues as crimes and should be prohibited and as well as issues treasonous. But we do not see Corruption as grievous as Homosexualities, we we pretend to be the most practical and knowledgeable religious people on earth, even our deeds laugh us many at times because we are tinted inside and try to show purity on the outside.

It is quite regrettable and that after a shift in our Democracy from the Civil unrest of over 15 years since the 80s, we have no regret in accepting CORRUPTION as an embodiment of our environment and Government Systems. Our Constitution lost potency, it weight as organic statute for upholding Law, Peace, Justice, Freedom, and Liberty was redesign, remodeled, and reorganized to enable Corruption and fraudulent activities play a major role in our Governing systems, in 1982 the framers of our Constitution did not want a vast majority of the Natives to benefit from the wealths and it’s management, while the foolish natives or indigenous were there stabbing eachother to death and tearing eachother down. That Constitution was made to Protect a group, a Class and a unique order of Americo-Liberians Who by then felt that Liberia and Liberian should be run and rule only by them, even when a little know negative took the helm of power the unique orders of the Americo- Liberian with the help of the foolish schooled natives were hired, trained to institutionalised Corruption and other impractical malpractices so that the regime of a native will be doomed.

They divided the Tribes, and the Counties to best fit their needs. Counties capitals were having more schools, hospitals, clinic, roads and infrastructurer developments as compared to their rural areas where buck of the human work force were from. By this means and form of practice they will keep to the plans of leaving the natives under developed and uneducated.

They were teaching western education and civilization and as well telling the natives that their costumes, and traditional practices were wrongs, and forgetting that their children flew to Europe, America and other parts of the west and fited in those society adopting their costumes and traditional practices. It is the same way today that Some of the Natives telling you that Same sex is wrong but ritualistic killings, Corruption, rape and many more are right, that is a plan and tactic from the ex-slaves to leave us in a confuse state of mind where they will infiltrate surreptitiously and gradually take take over and return Liberia back to the Slaves Masters.

And By this time you would have had no voice because some of your children would have accepted to be gay men and women, some of your children would have become the best of lawyers, scholars and philosophers and would defend what you are against today to be the best way of life.

For those of you living in the West your Pastors, Bosses, collogues, friends, workmates and immediate family members some are LGBT and you do not frawn on it, you accept the fact that they must choose what life they want and what sexualities they feel is theirs but now you support Corruption, ritualistic killings, rape, autocracy and mediocrities to fill up spaces in society gaining permeance.

If Liberia must be develop we must stand up to the reality, the truth and institute best practices. We must respect the fact that every man is equal, we must honor and respect people’s choice in life, we must show true loyalty, Patriotism, Nationalism, honesty, fairness, Justice and protect the rule of law.

Now so that I do not confuse you, I do not stand by the self thoughts that one’s sexual orientation must hinder him or her from serving in any capacity of our country development as long as he or she is qualified. We must stop judging people base on their sexualities cause it’s said that all men are created equal and constitutionally to have equal rights and obligations or in any space of life in the world. Man must regulate man and the Spirits or our deities must judge our life lived and our souls.