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Davido’s Second Babymama, Amanda Discloses She Would Love To Get Pregnant Again

Singer Davido has been trending for a longtime now after professing his feelings to Chioma who he gave an assurance of his love by purchasing a N45m Porsche car for her as her birthday gift.

The singer who has been known for fraternizing with women even to the point of having babymamas just showed Nigerians that he is in love.

His second babymama ‘Amanda’, on the other hand comes out to publicly announce from her social media that she is ready to have another child.

Sharing a photo, she said she would love to get back her pregnancy glow and this comment has left Nigerians wondering who would be the next father of her kid.

Home Truth behind Davido and Chioma – N45m Porsche gift

Truth behind Davido and Chioma – N45m Porsche gift

This is the actual story and if you think Davido could hide this girl for all this time and have no pictures uploaded from him or her but just on the actual date of the gift, that’s just an advertisement.

A chief met with Davido as a popular singer/musician and he reached an agreement with him. Part of the agreement was for the musician to make her (Chioma) popular by acting like her boy friend for a particular period of time till she becomes very popular.

Read his statement – “Love is sweet o! When money enter, Love is SWEETER!”

That will help in growing her brand as a chef. Don’t know what the terms and conditions are, but trust me the singer was or will be rewarded. Davido has a baby mama or more, not sure but his baby mama(s) kept calm during this whole period cos they know it’s not actually a date, it’s business. (a publicity stunt) or don’t you think they should have flared up by now?? But they ain’t. Use your head my sisters and brother.

Okay Tell me if this could be a real happiness of a relationship

The singer’s job was to flaunt her on his social media platform, tagging her only with her business page @thechiefchi and not her personal page or you could check her second Instagram page too @chefchioma(Chioma Rowland) This is business.

While the chef’s job was just to play along, even on her page, she never posted ant of the flaunting videos or pics, she just kept it official by posting the song’s art (ASSURANCE) and the music video. That’s all….

This is just a complete business and that’s what make her more expensive right now then million of ladies. See this as one of the greatest advertisement every done.

Carefully look at the picture – This suppose to show real happiness, do u see it?

Don’t be supprise to see the list of people who sponsor this for their business to grow, like Eccessories , ODDY DEE

This was just the ladies game and a guy was needed to be in the front, now i tell you their business is growing, you can also ceck them up for yourself.

OBO played his part and you might be supprise she sponsor the music, the video and the even bought the car but he had to play his part and she played her’s now her business has grown so poplar. For the record she’s Chioma Roland

Entertainment and success comes with using your head.

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