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A Walk In Monrovia

Monrovia – The capital city of Liberia has a lot f surprising things you don’t know of. We have people walking through out the capital everyday for schools, work, selling(Traders). This city has gotten old that it can’t hold all the activities done within. Citizens are asking and whispering for a new capital each day. Most people say “This is now a commercial/industrial city now.”
Let’s look at building that been here since 1899 till present day.
Living in the capital means you need to understand the way of life, keeping water gallons in chains and pad locks.

Home Productive Liberian Making Soap

Productive Liberian Making Soap

Being productive and creative has always been the Liberian people way of life. Making of soaps, making of slippers, bags and the list goes on. Here’s a Young Liberian man making soap. In Liberia we called this. “Kabaklue” There are a lot of risk in getting this where it is now but yes he and his team have to make this soap for business Cos a lot of citizens depends on this to wash their clothes and do other things.


Home Red Light Market In Half View

Red Light Market In Half View

We have our good citizens in the streets, market places and other populated areas everyday in search of their daily meal and ways to survive for they and their family. The government of Liberia has always try its best to put things in order no matter the stress and constrained they (Government) pass through. This was Red-Light main road from the Somalia Driver side months back. Take a walk there now and see.

Home Our Kids Our Future

Our Kids Our Future

Our children are taking after the fathers and mothers. We have the kids playing the same sports and doing the same activities we did as children years back. These are our future leaders we need to protect them and keep them up to the standard of living for a better generation.

Home The Situation We Face

The Situation We Face

We face situations in Liberia everyday that makes people wanna go on living like theirs no tomorrow. Liberians are strong and have energy to make the best come out of their lives. We see a helping hand in the street, we see someone who need education but giving out his time to sell educational items to students, we see people importing use things in the country to sell and we see people who want to do better making positives moves.

Let us look at these pictures and see what are the situations people face in Liberia everyday of their lives.

Home A Glance At Monrovia

A Glance At Monrovia

We got our first city and it’s called Monrovia. This city is beautiful and has almost all the inductry places you think of. We have two links to two great island that link to the capital. Monrovia was founded April 25, 1822. Monrovia was the second permanent Black American settlement in Africa after Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Let us look at Monrovia in Pictures and see what we have here as of present days.

Home Students In Need of Safety

Students In Need of Safety

Children in Liberia are happy to learn and get better education. Parents are sending their kids to get educated but are they looking up to see if these kids are getting home safely or getting to school on time and in good condition.

Here are pictures of Kids in their uniforms.


With the help of the police we can have these kids going home safely. Adults could help them cross roads, take them home and schools should look into this as a better way to save these kids from danger and for the future.

Home West Point From Above

West Point From Above

This is one of Liberia slum community that everyone talks about from time to time, people say this place is so fearful to live. It’s near the ocean over the years the ocean been pushing them far to the land but these people wont just leave.

Take a cool look at West Point Liberia

If you want to visit Liberia come and see great places that you will forever wish to come back over and over to see. West Point Liberia from up Ducor Palace Hotel

Home Our Market

Our Market

In our market we have what we eat everyday, beans, rice, fufu, cassava, tomatoes, potatoes greens, cassava leaves, palm oil, Palm nut, Peppers and peas, etc.

In our market we have women selling more then the men. Things men sell mostly are, meat, rice, grand cassava leaves, and they normally push wheel barrows to carry goes from one place to another within the marketplace.

Liberia is one of the best place to visit and our markets are rich with food stuffs to get you wanting more food to eat.

We have fresh food like: Crab, crawfish, fish, snail, kiss meat, and other sea and fresh water items.

Visit our market today and have no regrets on what you want to eat.

Home Argo Oil

Argo Oil

This is just what we use to cook our fry cassava leaves, our fry okra, fry bitter ball, egg plants, strew, and a lot more. Liberians Called it “Argo Oil”

What do about you?

“We Inform To Transform.”