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Two Liberians making a big difference in the state of Minnesota

First up is a Liberian by the name of Mike Elliot who just became the first Liberian-American Mayor in Minnesota.

In addition to what seems to be a Liberian winning spree, Mr. Wynfred Russell also became the first Liberian American councilman in Brooklyn Park. The people of Minnesota have spoken. La Elliot and Russel they want.

Congratulations! Make us and the people that overwhelmingly voted for you proud!

Reference: The Liberia Influence



From 1847 through the freedom of liberty taking glimpses at the 11 strips and making sure all red and white had blues, our country remains all we have and cherish, even as poverty sweeps us off our feets like dust over sand we stand with empty bellies and firm minds hoping on sky scrapers as we watch corruption squanders the views. This is beyond fancy words and loud mouths filled with promises, being professional with poverty.

The Coup cut off ears and blood revealed tears for years when the famous drums of war were sounded across the nation, we still kept the faith understanding that we don’t make peace but rather accept the idea of control which cannot be mastered.
Liberia survived the kickbacks of Ak47s and RpGs made unique reputations for the kids under 5.

Pregnant women became perfect bides for bets as the stomach grew in the eyes of the rebels while resourceful buildings resisted bombings and bullets consistently.

At least casualties summed up to a huge minus 5 for our loving,wonderful, and good looking green coast glittering with fatal attractions.

Rumor has it we need billions to recover from over a decade of unspeakable bombarding, meanwhile a container was reported missing capacitating overs billions of our own Liberian dollars during such a Pro Poor time while the US exchange rate strikes us high.

Indeed disloyalty landed knockout punches on the face of our economy, making it Bleed for about 14 years to begin recovery from mass destruction.

Nevertheless we are aware that we empowered those that shattered our mama Liberia, understanding that there were thousands of us dollars worth of amunation donated by one who once held the highest seat our loving country Liberia.

Now that definitely sparks up something, if we are able to now tell stories of dark times we’ve seen then this is all just a part of a very interesting chapter we are about to flip. Let’s not let go, let’s not see the government as our only source of survival let us take our Liberian lives as a challenge that we can do nothing but conquer, hope for change is something we all have to build up into deep dungeons of our hearts.

And find better routes to development starting with ourselves. Wait a minute hold up, remember if Mama Liberia could survive all of these torments we can accomplish anything with positive mindsets and save Liberia Today.

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Home After Failed Senatorial Bid, What’s next for DJ Blue?

After Failed Senatorial Bid, What’s next for DJ Blue?

Before July 31, 2018 our beloved country Liberia had a vacant senatorial seat for Montserrado County. This was due to the election of then Senator George Manneh Weah as President of Liberia.

Amongst few candidates that had the intention of succeeding our current president who occupied that space then, was Bernard Benson aka DJ Blue.

According to him, his senatorial bid was aimed at seeing Montserrado County rising again through the development of youth talents.

While on his campaign tour, the entertainment guru, DJ Blue stated that his major aim was to establish a loan scheme for the art and culture industry, with high hopes of bettering Liberia’s entertainment industry.

“The people of Montserrado County need credible representation, and they can only find that in me. They see me as a fresh voice and an ideal candidate, because I am not a recycled politician or part of the elite politicians that have ruined them. No one can beat me,” he said on the campaign trail.

But as the saying goes man propose god dispose, regardless of all of the great plans and expectations, Bernard Benson was defeated.

Now I know you might be asking yourself, why has this been brought up? Well, it’s simply because it’s been a while since we heard from him concerning all of his great plans he had in stuck for us. We decided to flag this up because most of us have been wondering whether all of his good plans could only be executed when he becomes Senator. In other words, is it only as a politician can he accomplish this?

For me, I don’t think so, because DJ Blue is and will always remain the most influential entertainer within Liberia that has the power to pull any string at his biding. So, now again it leaves me wondering if he’s working in silence towards this with others to still see it come through or has he turned his back on us because of the defect? Or was again this to be accomplished only by being a politician?

Anyway, DJ Blue, what’s next?

Written by: Christian T. Quiah,

Home New RIA Terminal to Be Ready for Use by Year End

New RIA Terminal to Be Ready for Use by Year End

The terminal has been erected and contractors are working daily to ensure that it is ready as promised. The two boarding bridges from the building to the turn pad have been connected as engineering while pavement is also ongoing around the terminal. At the same time, construction work is taking place on a water treatment plant and a standby power house.



By: Major Dahnsaw ~ +231777062159

Dear President George Fortaykloh Jlahdeh Gbakugbeh Tarpeh Manneh Weah;

My attention has been drawn to a recent statement you made regarding the fight against corruption, a plague which, during your inauguration, you openly pledged to fight.

The Monday, 20th August 2018 edition of the FrontPageAfrica clearly quotes you, My President, thus: “TO FIGHT CORRUPTION IS DIFFICULT BECAUSE EVERYBODY IS CONNECTED SOMEHOW IN THE COUNTRY.”

I do not know if you though of this, but that singular statement attributed to you clearly shows that you have given up on the fight against corruption in Liberia. It shows that you have failed the people and shows that you have lost the war on graft in government, Mr. President.

That statement by you, Mr. President, indicates that you may have become too familiar and casual with those you employ in your government to the extent that prosecuting them will ruin your relationship with they and their relatives known to you.

But no! A leader’s resolve to maintain his intergrity and the intergrity of his administration is more important than the unprofitable friendships that keep a country wallowing in the backwaters of underdevelopment.

Anyone who can tell you your faults to your face in private and show you how to do the right things and live by your words, that person is your true friend. Other than that, the rest are mere gravy seekers as long as they are not helping you to actualize your promises to Liberians in real time.

Mr. President, the fight against corruption is a fight which we can win. Yes, We Can Beat It! Every problem has a solution and every menace has a cure. Take a leaf from Ghana and Sierra Leone in their fight against corruprion which is gaining results by employing people with Intergrity into government, and not the same old people.

If, according to you, “everybody is connected somehow” in Liberia, that means the fight against corruption is one we can win. Especially if we take the approach of China.

Mr. President, in China, if your relative is an official of government who is corrupt and you refuse to report it until he/she is caught, all of you will be put on firing squad. That may be too harsh, but we can employ a more subtle approach to make sure we hold each other accountable.

Your Excellency, whether or not you made that statement, what you do from now on regarding the fight against corruption will prove your actual stance on the matter for the world to see.

We believe in your willpower. Liberians know you can if you put your mind to it. It is possible, Mr. President. You started by appointment some who truly have intergrity into government. Continue to appoint more people of the same pedigree and success is sure.

Yours Artistically

Major DahnSaw


Home Senatorial Decisions – Careful Mistakes!

Senatorial Decisions – Careful Mistakes!

If I should visit the constitution of Liberia, Hon Saah Joseph is going by the law that states his action to run as Senator and if the competence of DJ Blue is being argue by many then I must raise my hand up as a citizen of Montserrado County, to say he has all right to be the senator for this county.

Be careful in Electing:

Liberians most of you don’t understand what it takes to govern but you understand what it takes to rule. A nation has many crisis that holds it up or down and these crisis come from within the House of Senate! A hint to the wise.

Masses Interest:

Many of us are attracted to what these two great citizens has done for Monserrado County as it is what we are discussing right now. Bernard and Joseph are not ordinary men who has no impact on the society. One is Ebola giant and the other is Entertainment Weight lifter. There is a big influence on the Entertainers side as well as the humanitarian side, but none of them were humility as they seems. Donors, funds and profit gain was all part of their game. Look carefully before putting the country capital city, county in the wrong hands.

President Interest:

Even God has his favorite so who are you the followers to denied the fact that the president see this man capable of doing the job that the president, former Senator was occupying.

Bad Campaign:

The masses are complaining that those who are running their campaign to be senators for the both counties are not going around people who need to now them better but rather going to people who are already their friends. Many said “This By-Election will be a mess because turn up will be poor.” Selfishness is too much in the candidates.


Think wise Liberians, the government is the one responsible for the spending not the individual who’s running for the position, if we must vote we must vote to help add to our cupboard not to reduce what is already there for another purpose. Other people are capable to the job.

A hint!

Home Single Currency Regime for the Liberian commerce and trade.

Single Currency Regime for the Liberian commerce and trade.

(Monrovia July 6, 2018)The House Speaker Dr. Bhofal Chambers has suggested a single currency regime for the Liberian commerce and trade, preferring an adaption of the United States dollars amidst the excruciating challenges the economy is faced with. At a news conference held at his Capitol Building Office in Monrovia, Speaker Chambers says monetary control in the Liberian economy is seriously challenged by the lose availability of the two Liberian currencies in multiple styles and denominations value. He says former President Sirleaf in the climaxing days of her presidency created “an economic gulag”, relating to a soviet style economic and militarily fashioned scenario, purpose for compel compliance on economic activities. The Speaker said the Liberian dollars was printed in huge quantity by President Sirleaf regime and has flooded the economy chasing the few United States Dollars coming in the Liberian commerce and trade corridors. He says the past government was warned of printing new bank notes by the 53rd Legislature and other economic pundits, but President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf did not listen, thus contributing seriously to the present condition of the Liberian economy.Another indicator the Speaker proffered is the low security features on the new bank notes printed by the Ellen’s regime, which has given rise to the wanton counterfeiting of the Liberian dollars by unscrupulous individuals.The Speaker however stated his cognizance of Liberia’s balance of trade deficit, but intoned that the country exports and imports imbalances cannot be singularly responsible for the current economic debacle.Speaker Chambers says he wants government move and withdraw the multiple local currency from circulation, adapts the United States Dollars and subsequently introduce a highly sophisticated secured feature prone currency. The Speaker told the media gathering that until some radical decisions are made to curve the economic situation in the country, like adapting a single currency, the woes made deepen. The Maryland county lawmaker however assured the Liberian people that the economic issues the country is faced with will be overcome by the Weah’s Administration, as government is now finding a lasting solution to the situation. He further, that the state of the country is strong and secured and wish the Liberian people a happy and memorable observance of the 171st independence day, come the 26th July 2018. — with Charles Roberts.

Home LEC need to act quick! Citizens complain

LEC need to act quick! Citizens complain

Liberia Electrical Cooperation (LEC) is putting things together to make sure the citizens have electricity in homes. As our team(Gossip Liberia) has gathered whispers from around Montserrado County that there are no-good services render by the corporation. People are reporting that when they get at the head office to register for their meters, they don’t get the meter but end up getting a meter through a different means that is faster but much more expensive then the one at the head office.

Short Light Pole
Short Light Pole

We asked, why they don’t wait for the meter at the head office, but they replied. “It won’t come and most often it takes years to come, and we need current, so we ask the same guys who are in the LEC cars how we can get it faster, and they recommend that we pass through them, or sometimes we get it some kind of way.”

Meter stolen from Meter Box
Meter stolen from Meter Box

This has caused serious problem and is still making matter worst of the city. People meters are getting lost from the poles, and the cause of this derived from the lack of meter’s issues to the right people on time and no current on the pole and as well to put fear in the thiefs who steal the meters, the act of not getting transformer fixed when it’s spoilt, short light poles and lack of good security measure on the meters that it can’t be tracked as to who own it or where it was established at first. People are losing their property in this act. Transformer of LEC

Transformer of LEC

The matter of a transformer not being fixed when it spoils has become the talk of the day. Almost every community has this problem of a transformer, and this comes directly from over loading the transformer. LEC needs to regulate how many homes or blocks on one Transformer and those who steal current need to get caught and good examples be made of them. LEC, the citizens are now in fear in their own homes because of no lights in most communities for months because no transformers to replace the ones that spoil, and their meters are stolen.

There should be a way to solve this problem fast.

Home House Passes 2018/2019 Budget

House Passes 2018/2019 Budget

By Wilfred Gortor

MONROVIA, June 26 (LINA) – The House of Representatives has passed the 2018/19 fiscal year budget in the tone of US$570 million, making it eight million more than the original 562.2 million submitted by President George Manneh Weah.

A total of 52 out of 53 members of the House, who were present in session on Tuesday, voted in favor of the passage of the budget following a comprehensive summary of a report from the joint House and Senate committee on Ways, Means, Finance and Development Planning and Public Account and Expenditure.

The budget, which awaits the Senate’s concurrence, was presented to the Legislature on April 30 by President Weah.

Its passage prior to the June 30 deadline signals a new dispensation in the budget politics of Liberia.

It can be recalled that late submission of the fiscal budget in the past usually occasioned a delay in its passage, something which the joint committee Chair Thomas Fallah said prior to the passage of the budget must now be averted.

Home President Weah launched a project Wednesday for a housing units

President Weah launched a project Wednesday for a housing units

“President Weah launched the project Wednesday, June 20, 2018, few kilometers from the Fendell Campus of the University of Liberia where LACE built a prototype of the housing units.

According to him, the project is in fulfillment of promise he made to the Liberian people during the 2017 campaign period.

President Weah has expressed the hope that the rural housing project will bring joy and happiness to the vast majority of Liberians who have been dwelling in outdated huts in different parts of the country, and reemphasized his determination to bring development to the country.” #house #campus #campaigns #wills #universities

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