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Loveland or Tusis – Insults and Expression

It is hard to see people who have good life and good things getting angry and throwing stones. It is also hard to see people who know much about social media getting angry at what people talk to them or say out when it comes to promotion or stunts!

One of Liberia best photographer and video producer is set on blaze as he lash out not only on a media outlet but on a whole country as to the condition the country find it self in. Lorenzo Loveland, as many people know the father of one of Liberia up raising young star, Ziggy Ray, who’s also called “The Hipco Dream. Loveland got mad at the recent post from Gossip Liberia on social media pages, Facebook and Instagram, for which he try to talk back at the media outlet but went wrong including a lot of people in his comment. Loveland


Below are two screenshots for his comment on a post that were posted via social media, precisely Facebook. And this post was about Tusis who wore a pant that was torn or let say burst between the legs and he Tusis posted it on the social media(Facebook). Tusis is now a somebody who is not looked at as nobody any more, and as a young man who’s getting popular day by day by his great work makes him a public eye catching icon. Let see the comments form Loveland under the post from Gossip Liberia Facebook page.

These comments point out a lot of emotions that is not only directing to the publisher of the image but to many. Is it like Loveland is having bad times with Liberia or Liberians in general? Tusis


It never went down well with Tusis when he saw that Gossip Liberia re-posted what he posted and give it a caption. He, Tusis came back at Gossip Liberia with a real great reply that means much to him as it kindly explain his emotions and how he do reacts to publicity he never paid for, knowing that there’s no bad publicity, especially when you need to be branded through many ways that will give you the audience you need. Let us see Tusis reply

As he rightly stated, Yard Cloths da yard cloths. Learn what to post on social media. The media is watching more then you can image.

Welcome to Gossip Liberia, We Inform To Transform.

Home Liberia Model, Hairstylist Designer, Makeup artist and Fashion Man – Anthony is dead.

Liberia Model, Hairstylist Designer, Makeup artist and Fashion Man – Anthony is dead.

Liberia Fashion industry has tears in their eyes as one of the talented son of Mama Liberia Fashion world passed away in a car accident. He was a hairstylist makeup artist. Anthony Best Beyan died on Friday in a car accident. On December 7 there was a post on Facebook about the accident he was involve in. Let’s read below to know if he’s still alive or dead.

Sources reaching us that he’s dead but hasn’t been confirm as to if he’s truly dead or still in coma. Now that the news is spreading, even fashion icons are spreading it on social media we are assuming that this news is true.

RIP Anthony.

Home Unexpected Love Bundle Pack

Unexpected Love Bundle Pack

The rumors has been spreading all around the town about the main organizer of the Davido concert,Leyla who’s an attractive lady that anyone can crush on and have a good time with, cos she’s open to people, it seems like Kobazzie was trying to make his way through, he’s been acting like a superman in every corner that this lady appears in.

Bonnie Dust hold his hand bag

Paparazzi saw him stocking the lady in corners and behind doors. The question here, Do this lady see Kobazzie as someone that she can go out with? No, she said, she even had a close discussion with few people that mistakenly lash it out to our source that Kobazzie is too little for her to date.” She even included that “I think he’s into me but I am not, he’s way too cool for that relationship stuff,

Christoph caught on Camera chilling with Leyla

I rather see him like a little brother. This is like a blast on the house of the lorma boy. A complete turn down. She even openly told our source that she’s crushing on Christoph The Jue them bonnie dust. OMG! This could lead to another rough battle, that Christoph look even more better then Kobazzie with an actual artist look and handsome to the extent that ladies from overseas are demanding that LT City finest become their date.

Guess you can see clearly? Legs on posts..

This is bad to see that Kobazzie will not make Leyla Make it Bounce but Christoph will end up becoming her handbag. So what will happen to Christoph girlfriend in this case? This seems to be a no battleground, it’s like the mula will entirely win again. This is interesting to see and follow the gees.

Leyla and Kobazzie under the darklight

Are there close shot of these two together? Yes. One thing we should respect Christoph for is that, he knows who to born by pretty ladies, so this could be another gateway for another child of Christoph to come out. This is not a super story but it’s full of reality. The most dangerous part is that Christoph recognition has given him what he got, his work and body has provided a way to a pretty lady heart. So this goes to Kobazzie.

We even notice, other celebrity who took time near this lady wanted to have her all to themselves but this was a no go zone, Kobazzie closed the way and never give anyone the chance to but things turn out to be different. Please hit the gym and put your body together cos it’s like this lady has not crush on you because you know the president or because you saw her first but she’s truly in love with Christoph. Merry Christmas our two new lovers. But will Christoph agree to be her handbag??

Fans let’s watch the show and see.

Home Why Treat BennySoundz Like a Nobody? Bouncers Put on Disgrace Coat For Benny.

Why Treat BennySoundz Like a Nobody? Bouncers Put on Disgrace Coat For Benny.

Bouncers tried to push Bennysoundz off the stage’ while Davido was performing in Liberian concert. Nigerian producer Bennysoundz was spotted in a yellow hoodie, at the Davido Live in Liberia concert yesterday night. After Bucky Raw’s performance, Davido was next. As Davido started performing, It started raining, and the fans were enjoying themselves even under the rain.

The crowd started cheering as Kobazzie and Bennysoundz were approaching the stage, with the aid of the Monrovia city Policemen. Bennysoundz got on stage with Kobazzie, the crowd was too much around the stage area. The stage itself was so crowded. So the bouncers tried to drag Bennysoundz off the stage until the Monrovia city policemen interfered, and it was peaceful. The bouncers said they didn’t recognize it was Bennysoundz.

BennySoundz was taking this as an opportunity to reach near his countryman Davido but it could not have been easy for him. Trust this. It was going to be a big promotion for him in his country to have him alongside with Davido in Liberia. The producer from Uyo Itam, Akwa Ibom in Nigeria never appreciate this but had to after he was recognized and the bouncer told him sorry, but did he meet up to see Davido after all or he wanted to truly be on that stage with Davido? Only an interview with him can tell us more.

How could they have recognized him? It was clear to see that he was moving along with Kobazzie, they had no right to disturb someone walking on stage with a fellow artist, in case they were to perform a song together or he had a lead on the stage as it might have been a plan by the two to do so. The bouncers at the concert did their job but they truly never knew their job at some point but watch this video below and see what happen. Carefully watch the video and notice the guy they are pushing from where Kobazzie and Davido perform, in the yellow hoodie.



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Ja-redo is a serious lover boy

This sensational Liberia afro-pop and RnB artist is not taking thing easy when it comes to making new hits right after another. Jaredo who’s managed by King Jaffar of and he’s a signed artist of SOG Empire is not just a freak to the sound of beats but also a lover boy.

Sugar Kid Jaredo has been into relationships that even his the lead artist in SOG can’t compete with, maybe he’s taking after their boss who just got married, that was when he was single.. Lol. Let us see what’s popping on this young man name when it comes to girls that he dated even before he graduated from secondary school.

We will name them one by one and maybe something might just pop out in your mind while reading. Carefully look at them and their names.

  1. Charlesetta Chea
  2. Diamond Wesseh
  3. Erina Morlu
  4. Juliet Campbell
  5. Kimmie Turner
  6. Maron Sieh
  7. Olive Duarto

These are their names. The ones that are not in Liberia you truly know them by their names, but let us look at their pictures. There are other secret lovers that we are still searching for.

Now you see girls Jaredo has dated and who know who among these girls is still dating this young star. Can’t believe he’s counting this amount at this young age. Oh wow.. It’s cool to be a star. But the question here. Which one of these girls he sang the new song for. If you carefully listen to the lyrics of the songs you will be able to point the girl out from here. Let us download the song and hear What Jaredo and Kwami are talking about. Your Waist.

Download “Your Waist - Jaredo Ft. Kuami Eugene [Prod. Kwami Eugene]” Your-Waist-Jaredo-Ft.-Kwami-Eugene.mp3 – Downloaded 95867 times – 4 MB

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Photo Celebrities With no Hit in Their Music career of 2018

Photo brings out the attractiveness in anyone who’s has a good shape and has better name attach to what they do. Pictures make everyone remember a special date or events. Nowadays our artists have taken the stage of photoshoot to be their next stage of celebrity life. They even go with no brands or without any help of their managers as to if these pictures speak differently to the public.

These artist seems to forget their true skills as a musician but now acting like they are competing with one another on who have the finest pictures and the best dress on cloths that has no brand. Guess they are not even having better skills remaining so they are covering up with Pictures taking and posting as models who are not recognized to be with any company or brand.

We have few artists that took on the social media platform within few weeks as to the ending of 2018, acting like they have lost hold of picture taking and thinking that this is branding them to be better people. We notice Music producers, Dj’s and the list goes on to even Bloggers who are now taking the life of photoshoot to another level as a means to brand themselves. But is this really helping their artwork or their career?

Let Start with this first list and see how things go.

Da Vero

Da Vero: She came up with her featuring track called “No Marry No Eating” She features Kizzy W on this. This song was released on October 2018 and has not even made a hit, we have seen short clips of it everywhere on social media, this song is a good song but it has not hit the public. Why? Because people see a change in her style then knowing her as the real Mammie pepper they knew her to be, from the music “Hotter Then Cook Pot Seat” Now she’s not too much involved with branding through a platform or a manager but we see her as a lone survivor and someone who is just doing what she can to make her name but she’s not making it as a musical artist any more as the look on her social media pages, but rather she look like a photo models these few days. Is she really the female Hipco Commander? Her fans need to answer to this.


Cjay: Bilikon Sensational RnB artist that came to the game with his hit song that came out like a wide fire, called “Boss Chick.” This song made most of the sexy and hard working ladies called themselves “Boss Chicks” because of the message in the song. Cjay grew fast from that song to the next and started falling backward when he noticed he was in some competition with other RnB artists in the raising entertainment industry we have in this country. CJay was never knew as a stylish artist and people did blame his management or that, now that he has stepped up his dress code there seems to be another problem, he seems to be focusing too much at the end of the year on how to get new shoes and new swag on that he hasn’t made a hit song since the beginning of the year. His last song so far that was to make a hit never came through it is called “Put It On Me.” This song came out since July 2018 and people are asking if this song truly reaches to Cjay’s and Bilikon fans.


Shine (Ley Vai Mandingo Boy): Liberia best vernacular singer when it comes to Vai tribe. He’s was raised from the bottom to the top but later fall like a dash of water from a broken bowl, only because he felt he was to show his fans he has more swag and has a better appearance in the music game than other artists. Shine came up with two cover music, one is “Popolipo” and another called “Butterfly“, After these successful video shooting and released of his musical videos he sill never hit to his fans, he came up with another song featuring two upcoming artists on a new song called “Acting” This song never went far, Shine got into photoshoot to cover up, to have his fans still looking at him but to be honest he’s not getting the love from his fans any more cos he’s not providing what they saw in him. Why will he even called himself “Shine The Beast?” he’s noted of changing his name according to his new lifestyle every time, lack of consistency.

PCK & L’Frankie

PCk and L’Frankie: These two used to be our great stars that use to make Liberian the music go wide. Since PCK notice that L’Frankie was taking another path to test his voice in singing than rapping, the crew had nothing good to put out but just complete none hit. They came up several times with great songs that have messages, but these songs never hit for a complete one month. They came up with “Go Down.” later came with “Apology” and the list goes on. These songs were good and it went virus for a while but never last for a month on the stereo set of their fans, radio stations, and street bangers, they came back with a clear image to all their fans by showing off that they brought back; new clothes, better shoes, and jewels to show off, instead, they got attracted to the photo shot world and forgot to continue to do promotion.


Feouls: Came into the game like a cold breeze that everyone needs to cool up with. Feouls has always been good at covering music of great artists around the world. He’s stylish and has a good style and never keep himself out of the spotlight, but Feouls is lacking his style since he got on his last featuring song with few Liberia artist, Feouls is now taking his new car to be his new star. Feouls is all into making himself look more pretty then focusing on his lyrics, Photo Shot is also in the making, but he’s branding well. A New Car, A new girlfriend and got his new best friend, Feouls is too attracted to the new things that are around him that is slowing him down with his musical career.

JB Soul Fresh

JB Soul Fresh: He has always been the focus point of the Soul Fresh group, they had several hits that made the people of Liberia could not listen to anything more or less but they always recommended that the group Soul Fresh is all that they wanted to see and hear their songs, go to their concert. Now that the leader of this group is so active with his new branding style of stylish photo taking and making great hits that are not reaching anywhere his fans are worrying as to what is going on. JB Soul Fresh is a friendly guy when it comes to his own people he knows then his other fans who are demanding to see him every day. He’s clever, and all his music with his teammate is a blast when it comes to lyrics and beats but for almost three years these guys haven’t blow like they were noted to be the best in Liberia years back. Their fans and the public are asking if Soul Fresh is still having their one million fans they talk about or they have lost it to 1 fan. Since this 2018 these guys have put out great songs but their songs haven’t reached anywhere for the kind of fans we all know they have or had. They need to upgrade and stop focusing too much on the social media gist and the too much of stylish level they are involved in with photoshoot for likes, they need to get their fans back 2019 and find themselves a manager again.


Pillz: She’s good at rapping and her focus mind is so high that she has never backed down to any female rapper in the whole music industry. She’s one of Liberia finest female rapper that is still trending when it comes to her rap game but since 2018 started she has never given her fans what they desire as to a real rapper. Pillz has recently shown to social media that she’s in love and it is like putting a standstill to her game. She went on a track with Tamba Hali, she features him on the track called “PuNaNi” This song was a war zone for Pillz as social media took on it and said it’s not good to be called a song. Anyways there was some battle on social media about this. This means the song had too much expectation then it was in actual listening and visual output. Pillz needs to put more time into her story-line on her songs to make a hit, but she’s good at what she does. She needs to let her relationship make her focus more on her career. Price Record needs to work more on their management to get Pillz on the spotlight.

Killer Beatz

Killer Beatz: Producer and Artist, Rotten boy is his other name. A signed artist with Bilikon Ent and one of Bilikon Ent hit artist of all time when he first joins Bilikon, counting Gbema singers he’s counted as one of the finest. This guy has been around for a while now. Since this year he has not brought out any hit song to his fans, the recent song he released in last month is not a touching one like the old ones he put out. His new song which is “Hold Your Partner.” This song is not a one that people think he had the chance to really put out. Guess he needs to go back to his drawing board.

Young Zee HTC

Young Zee HTC: Hipco Town Chief is no longer noted to hold his royal chief staff. He has not given his fans anything worth hearing since 2018 started then his late release song called “Hide it From Your Jue” This song went like a 1K view on his team Youtube Channel. His fans have lost from around the street, the community and every part of Liberia he had them. Young Zee is not branding himself anymore but it seems like due to the lack of his team doing more promotions they have no more fans to help them outside the wall of Bilikon or individually the artist is losing his fans. Young Zee need to do better in 2019 or else he will not get what it takes to be remembered as HipCo Town Chief, the self-proclaimed title he gives himself will be taken from him and given to someone else, or can use the photoshoot level to gain more fans instead of the lyrical hipco town chief they knew him to be.


Sun: The grebo boy who falls out of the group 2in1 is not taking another level of his musical career all by himself but it doesn’t seem to be working, he seems to be acting more lazier than ever before when he was with his old group 2in1, he came up with Insha Allah, he features Feouls on this one alongside with Mahoney on the beat and doing the back up. Sun is always saying he’s the progress but his fans have not even seen all the progress since he split from the group he was in as a rapper. Is Sun sleeping on himself while following photoshoot? People are asking and fans are liking his pictures more than downloading or singing his music in every home but they are seeing him as a stylish dresser than a rapper.


Pascal: He called himself Pascal God Favorite. Why will God take you to be his favorite and you have no song to hit the track on all musical outlet in Liberia? Pascal is a great artist but he’s delinquent in approaching to his fans to give him that hypes he need to hit any platform as number one in a month. He’s cool and has great bars when he’s flowing but this year was not a success for him. He drops his recent song called “Ley Boy Get Bars 2.” this was two months ago and yes it went wide a little bit by him getting a 3.6K download from Tunes Liberia site. That is not enough for this artist he needs to work harder than expected. More time to what he does, his fans are getting scared to use their date to download his songs before they regret, so this means he needs to work harder than before.

Skinnyboy Kpanto

Skinny Boi Kpanto: Also known as Skinny King, made a hit song that went virus all over Liberia and other international media outlets around the world took the story and spread the video of the song “Bring Our Container Back.” This song was a disturbing one for the present government because there’s a present situation in the country on this money getting lost from CBL. This song went virus, Radio stations, media presenters, live show host and TV host got in touch with this guy to have he and his producer on talk show and interview but they never hit for a month, this song died down in two weeks and there hasn’t been another track from Kpanto to make a week hit since then. Bad, very bad to his artwork that he can’t keep his fans loving what he does for a month. Bad branding. Holy Record needs to work hard for this artist to keep up his work.

C Note

CNote: Another Hipco rapper that people expected to make a hit but he never went too far as expected. Fans demanding that C Note give them what he has in him that you try showing off to the public but instead he’s drifting to make beef instead of getting in the circles of doing more productive songs for his fans. His latest songs which he features Margas on was called “On Fire.” This song got 1.7K downloads. This is bad for his record. Very bad, his fans are not responding to him or is it like he has no fan but handing on feature artists for fans? C Note 2019 is coming and those you called your fans need more from you then trying to put up beef among other artists in the industry, you are good at what you do, keep it up and your fans are expecting good songs from you.

T Floyd

T Floyd: If we must expect anyone to blow we expected T Floyd to hit the spotlight this year but things never went well again this year. T Floyd the CEO of Floyd Nation was to be one of the high top artists in the industry but he’s lacking a lot of things that keep his music right around the students of Cuttington University and his close friends. This guy got the mula (Money) to push his game but he’s not doing anything but relying on the free give away of little media and other friends who can like and share his song. He’s brilliant with words, raps are on point, videos are good, customs are well tagged out base on the storyline of each music video but he’s not pushing his music and including the other artists, he managed as well. T Floyd needs to hit the music industry in 2019, that is if he starts to brand himself and his team in the right way and leave the ride on ride stuff as a crew and invest in branding. Latest released was “The Know Me.” He got just 378 downloads in a month. very bad for a big artist.

These are few artists that have a lot to work on because they are people the public look at in every aspect of given out the best that will last for more than just a month or weeks. There are more loading. This is just the first artcles. Watch out for the second. No escaping.

Home I Hope We Can Work This Out!

I Hope We Can Work This Out!

What was Christoph actually thinking?

Guess he was thinking that Bucky was going to let it go low on him for the sake of citizenship of one nation but I don’t think Bucky Raw wanted a peace conference, he went to test an atomic weapon and show his fans how things will go off in 2019.

Christoph respected the fact that he’s young and has the passion to do more great work with other stars so he took the stand and walked up the stage. That’s a humble thing to do and he show respect to the audiences and his fans as well, and that was just how a child that grow up with respect does.

The shirt aspect was a big thing that we all don’t understand but it shows that Christoph wanted a peace concert.

More gees loading…

Home Miss Liberia, Miss Wokie Dolo won African Queen of the year Award

Miss Liberia, Miss Wokie Dolo won African Queen of the year Award

The Royalty Edition of the 2018 NAESIM Awards. Miss Wokie Dolo won this in Nigeria. As she still hold the crown of Liberia Miss for years now. Good news for her and the country, Liberia.

She also wrote this on her IG page.

Let see pictures below.

NAESIM Award is a non-governmental organization set up solely for identifying and honoring deserving beauty queens who have made efforts in supporting improved life quality, youth advocacy, social peace and progress. NAESIM Award holds the highest standards of integrity as awardees are carefully selected based on Merit.

Home J Slught Branding Gone Wrong

J Slught Branding Gone Wrong

It’s so sadden and funny how most of our Artists still don’t understand the worth of branding yet.

Again and Again we’ve written countless of Branding Articles not for the sake of writing, having stuff dropped at our website or blogs but because we need our Artists/Entertainers to fully understand its worth.

Honestly, we still don’t understand why our artists haven’t seen the essence of us constantly having this branding thing as an essential issue of discussion, because if they did, by now they would see branding as more or like a stamp used to identify, recognize their worth and importantly help give a clearer distinction between them and other competitors.

Branding is a process of clarifying who you are as an artist and it makes a memorable impression on fans. A strong brand can capture a potential fan attention and have them remember you and connect with your work it’s just that simple.

A post from one of Liberia’s lead vocalist J Slught who’s currently at a musical festival in Sierra Leone called Ecofest Salone 2018 along with few other Liberian Artists like Stunna, CIC, and Speedo. But J Slught was noticed wearing a shirt that carries the name of one of Nigeria’s famous musician Wizkid aka StarBoy which we think is very lame. Of all the clothes in the world our artist choose to wear someone else’s brand while representing Liberia in another country.

This shirt issue has us asking too many inner questions.

Some people will say we are hating, and others will say the guy is a fan of already famous StarBoy, but wait o la on concert Davido will go wear Falz or
Mr.P T-shirt? I guess not.
Well it’s not a problem for an artist to be a fan of another, but absolutely not in such a manner. He should be promoting himself in another man’s land and not the other way around.

Imagine Davido wearing BuckyRaw’s T-Shirt at his concert come November 29, at SKD or anywhere in Liberia. [Laughs] it’s gonna be crazy right?

So, our kind advice to Mr. Slught, watch and learn how our homeboy Stunna and the rest of the guys carry on their swag flow or better still hire a dressed up artist that is if your management can afford.

Home The Change Played Maturity in Not Buying Beef But Inviting Others To Eat Jollof Rice With Him

The Change Played Maturity in Not Buying Beef But Inviting Others To Eat Jollof Rice With Him

The simplest things look funny but it show big differences. Maturity is a key part to building your career, knowing when to talk and when not, when to get angry and when to be happy. Christoph just made this beef of a food look like it has no taste for his mouth so he just got himself a jollof rice and call on those who ate their hot beef for themselves. He said he’s doing better things then beefing, that was amazing, that show he has better plans for the world to witness and see and better plans for his life then just music and spreading of rumors on his name by people he trusted.

Later knowing that a man has conscious, Bucky Raw came up with an apology note on Facebook, he made things right with his fellow rapper, but carefully looking at the apologies, he wrote it and took it off his wall like he never meant it and even added some lines of repeating that “He has no problem with gay.”

Is This an Apology Note? Carefully Look at this and comprehend well

But why will he call out an apology and still say things that women brought out as feelings and he took it into his rap beef or do he have extra prove to show that Christoph is a gay and he knew it well? This is were we see Hipco and Trapco trying to put their differences aside. Other fans who feels too much hate just can’t stand the songs Bucky Raw dropped on Christoph and fans stated that Bucky will pay for his act.

Fans are not happy with Bucky for his lyrics

Bloggers are blamed and bloggers were even attacked and insulted in the Bucky Raw song, showing his kind of music style, many people felt Bucky was out of control to put out lines like that, he even got in a conversational argument with one of his best female fan who always back him up and stand the by to do her promotional work for him. Believing she warned him before he even replied to any thing that was said about him and his family.

Bucky Raw Blames Others for not talking In the matter at first.

Let just say Bucky only weapon or means to fight back is just lyrically so he had no words to put out as a man but had some nasty talk flowing out on Chillor and Christoph, especially Christoph who he delt with like he’d had the man whole story Ina his hands.

Betraying of the Change was a heart broken moment for most of his fans to see that his ex’s could discuss him in such inhumanity manner and even had those conversations leak. So far that conversation seems to might have been in his opponents hands before the beef songs of Bucky Raw came out, and all the contents in the chats were just what the songs were about. Read More On That Leaked Chats

Now Bucky Raw has new enemies but has solve his problem with the old one and there are still old ones he need to make peace with. How can this be? Let’s wait and see what comes out of the fans and other artists who has respond for the Trapco legend and the Hipco rap star.

Ex of Christoph – Benita

The two ladies that was going into their private conversation are now looked at as the worst people in the industry. One a Model and the other a Blogger. People are not welcoming the idea that the Ex of Chirstoph could discuss him like this and tell his whole story out, but still as loyal fans see it and still say, “She’s jealous and wanted to make herself look good in front of the other lady cos it hurt her to see Christoph is moving on fine without her, that’s just ladies talk.”

Ex of Christoph – Delle

This battle still remains as a battle of betrayer, love, owner the ground and paying debt. It’s not just a one that can finish in less time. We see bloggers in the middle of other story, ladies secretly fighting in DM’S threatening messages are still going on and last of all, it’s has brought a little bit of separation in the the struggling industry again. It’s a time to watch your back, no one knows the next move someone is planning.

Will December break be a break of flexing or a Break of War among the females? Let us wait and see what comes out next.

Christoph might be facing a trust problem now with ladies he date cos they are not trusting any more. This is not the first time people say things like this about the guy but this time it came from his ex’s so this is way to convincing that it can’t be true. Or are they hating him more on the rumors they themselves have over heard and want to just spoil his name and by discussing him in such manner of they have prove to it as to have been involve in the act too? A lot more is still under cover and we pray that it all still just the way it is cos if more comes out then it’s gonna be an industry of war.

Have your say.