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No stranger to the world of words, Sianah Nalika DeShield

No stranger to the world of words, Sianah Nalika DeShield has utilized her passion and affinity for writing to empower others and advocate for a better world. Having found a love of writing at an early age, Sianah once dreamed of taking her talents to the world. With an early focus on literature, language, English, and History, her skills developed as a base from which she would launch into socio-political advocacy and beyond.

In her beloved home of Liberia, the author found a discrepancy in not only a lack of writers in her country but of unequal opportunities for young people. Her desire to work with youth and advocate for her homeland compelled her to pursue Political Science as an undergraduate degree at the United Methodist University. Her time spent as a freshman and sophomore class representative not only led to her appointment to the Liberia National Students Union (LINSU) but also afforded her the opportunity to experience first hand the dire need for young people in Liberia. Working in the social sciences opened the door for Sianah to help others, promote advocacy, and utilize her writing skills to effect change.

With no interest in slowing down, the author went on to pursue a career in Administration. Her skills led her from Liberia to Ghana as a 2014 MILEAD Fellow and then on to Cyprus where she pursued a Masters Degree in International Relations at the Eastern Mediterranean University. It is then that she refocused her personal and professional goals back to the world of creative writing and married her love of language, advocacy, and international relations in a foundation where she can mentor young writers in her home country.

Once the creative dreamer with the hopes of bestseller- lists, Sianah has developed her skills around a lifelong passion for social change and creative development. Now she is dedicated to creating opportunities for young writers in Liberia that she did not have. Still, as passionate as ever about her own writing, the author can now add novelist to her long list of accomplishments and hopes to become one of the most prolific writers Africa has ever known.

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Poetic Lyrics – Lazarus F. Siafa

Lazarus F. Siafa is a Liberian-American, who immigrated to the U.S. (Ohio) with his family at the age of 3, seeking refuge from what would turn into a 14-year civil war that devastated and changed the entire course of history of his beautiful Liberia.

Profoundly grateful to God and the US, Siafa took his second chance at life in the United States with both hands, enlisting with the Military right after High School, serving a combined period of 8 years in the Army and Marines respectively. It was during this chapter of his life that his affinity and interest in poetry and writing were ignited. His Instagram account is a robust spread of poetic lyrics. An aspiring New York Times Best Selling author, Lazarus is currently working with a publishing company in preparation for publishing his very first poetry book titled ‘Parables Beneath The Palm Trees’.


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Visionary Born in Liberia

Alfield Reeves is a passionate and uber creative visionary born in Monrovia, Liberia but now resident in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Alfield is a self-taught photographer known for his black and white & fashion photography.

Being creative isn’t a hobby for Alfield but a passion & gift from God that percolates through everything he does. Alfield uses photography to serve others by enhancing their brand & stories.






The ability of paying attention to key factors that would better our entertainment industry has still not been seen in most of our Artists be it the Underdogs or Top Dogs. Now why am I sounding harsh? [You might say] It’s totally due to the fact that up to now our entertainers do not comprehend. Trust me if they did things as they should our Entertainment industry wouldn’t constantly remain the same for ages as it seems. But hey! like the saying goes ”A house without a foundation is likely to fall at any time when there is a weather storm” (And I trust nobody wants this). So HOW DO WE HELP THIS SITUATION? We can accomplish this just by laying down few simple rules individually first as entertainers not the industry, lol… Hope you weren’t starting to think I was going to say “set rules for the industry oh” (Laughs) what!?, nah… now this is some of what I want us to draw an attention to:

An entertainer is a full representation of any industry be it movie, music, comedy, and etc… self-discipline is one of the major characteristics of a great entertainer (Setting up rules to help you match up with your expected reality matters). WHY? Because an individual without set rules to follow is likely to get distracted easily with things that aren’t relevant to get involved with as a focused person.

HOW TO SET SELF RULES: There are thousands of methods in setting out rules but from my research done I would like you to consider the below listed methods:


A lot right? (Laugh) but hey! when you’ve managed to FOCUS ON YOUR CRAFT, it’s gonna enable you put more time in perfecting being an excellent actor, stand up comedian and more. meanwhile If you BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, no situation is gonna be too hard to overcome and you don’t get easily frightened by life’s challenges that might cause you to shift in you selected path (Career). Whenever you GIVE FANS A REASON TO CARE you help them identify their importance in your brand, for example stand up comedians get inspired to do more when they see the smile on the faces of their fans or hear their laughter.

And whenever you take pride in your own the faster you’ll learn how to PROMOTE YOUR CRAFT both online and offline. By this you never stop telling people you exist. Always try to remain FRIENDLY, cause a friendly person is a happy person and a good friendship pays. In doing this, you are likely to meet good people and when you do, manage to STAY CLOSE TO PEOPLE WITH MINDS LIKE YOURS cause with this it’s easy to HAVE A VISION SET WITH STRATEGIES. To conclude BE GRATEFUL to everyone around you including those you don’t notice.


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I Hate!

I hate religion, it separate us! I hate human rights, it make us forget who we are! I hate people reminding each other of their origin it teaches us hate! I dislike the fact people choose colors in success, it make others think foolish about their origin.

I just hate the way civilization was define. It makes you and I like limited. I hate it that people are protected by laws, it makes me feel we are still under slave trade, especially when those who make the law can break it anytime. I hate it when one color rules, it tells the other colors that the won’t be superior ever. I hate it when people know who’s rich and who’s poor, this make others feel higher and lower. What I hate most is that we all look alike but don’t talk the same, think the same, live the same way, and worship the same. I hate it when people think nothing can be change about things that have change.

I hate it when I see another man making another man cry. I hate it when I survive with out food and then someone die from eating food. I hate it when someone die from not drinking water and someone use water to flush toilet. I hate it when the world see poverty and make movies out of it, when they can change it for the good of human living.

I hate it when they that produce toxic drinks and say it’s for 18+ but don’t have it sold to only above 18+. I hate it when we claim that innovative people will change the world but yet innovative people die with their ideas. I hate it that domestic violence only speak for ladies and children.  I hate it that a man must die from a disease or virus another man made. I hate it that we are not looked at equally, black and white. I just hate all these things and because none of them are the will of God but everything are the will of men. So I hate!

By: Anthony Fofana MV



By: The Hand
The System is Built in the most unique way to limit Choice and Ambitions, to ensure a certain group always encounter a fixed perimeter of reluctant disguise, that includes the suit and ties, wearing the fabrics of Education, Religion, and most regrettably neglecting Tradition which should serve as our indigenous morals.

Young ones aren’t the only lost ones because our earthly gods traded Morals for tangible values, today the most used jargon is “One Life to Live” but as a young man who is mostly looked down upon for now, I urge every young one to find their inner selves and understand that you need yourself to be happy and not living up to society’s ridiculous expectations which most people aren’t meant for but yet decide to indebt themselves wit 100 years of early morning wake ups, and hopelessly wanting their kids to continue living in the most advance mind slavery ever introduced, you are better than that look deep within yourself and know what you should be doing instead of your pretends.


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Let Girls Learn* Michelle Obama Visit Liberia

*Let Girls Learn*
Michelle Obama Visit To Liberia and what the out come and reason for her coming is for the girls to get better education, but the concern has been raise;
“Will this amount really be use by the Government?”
But I see that this money will not be put into the hands of the Government of Liberia but rather it will be Mercy Corp where USAID will be funding it.
So Liberians don’t worry this project will hold.
USAID announced that it would allocate up to $27 million towards girls education in Liberia.
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Gov’t Offers Free Education in Public Schools

(ELBCRadio.com – Jan 12, 2015) – The Liberian government has declared free education scheme in all public schools from Kindergarten to 9th Grade across the country.

A release quotes education authorities as saying: “Students from (Kindergarten to 9th Grade) are not required to pay tuition and registration fees.”

The release said 10th to 12rh Grade students are required to pay in three installments only Seven Hundred Liberian Dollars as registration fees during the school year.

“Three hundred Liberian dollars each will be paid during the first two installments, while one hundred Liberian dollars will be paid as the final installment, the education authorities said.

The Education Ministry is, however, warning all public schools not to charge above the required fees or face drastic administrative action.
In the past week, this pronouncement by Government has triggered mixed public reactions.

Some critics of Government described the gesture extended to only public schools as discriminatory since the Ebola crisis created economic setbacks for both public and private school students.

Other veteran and professional educators in their wisdom want `1Government extend similar gesture to private school students in keeping with its Free and Compulsory Primary Education Policy which seeks to encourage education for all as opposed to education for a selected few.

Another account of the public points to the abrupt re-opening of schools when Ebola still exists in the country, while others are recommending the reopening of schools to March this year.

During the first term of President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, the Liberian government introduced Free and Compulsory Primary Education Policy to attract considerable enrollments in all public schools.

By Patrick Flomo/Joseph T. Koon