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Benefits of Copyright

Generally, when a developer or publishers creates a work it is created to make money from. For this reason it is important to copyright all material. “It has been estimated that 80 percent of the wealth generally in developed countries comes directly from intellectual property.” Insuring copyright can help protect profits from the work and can prevent others from “stealing” the work to make a profit. If the creator has copyrighted a work, then the creator can prosecute anyone who uses the material without permission. “A copyright owner can recover actual or, in some cases, statutory damages (which can be as high as $100,000 in some cases) from an infringe. In addition, courts have the power to issue injunctions (orders) to prevent or restrain copyright infringement and to order the impoundment and destruction of infringing copies.”

A copyright owner has five rights to his or her copyrighted work:

  1. Reproduction Right—The reproduction right is the right to copy, duplicate, transcribe, or imitate the work in fixed form.
  2. Modification Right—The modification right (also known as the derivative works right) is the right to modify the work to create a new work. A new work that is based on preexisting work is known as a “derivative work.”
  3. Distribution Right—The distribution right is the right to distribute copies of the work to the public by sale, rental, lease, or lending.
  4. Public Performance Right—The public performance right is the right to recite, play, dance, act, or show the work at public place or to transmit it to the public. In the case of a motion picture or other audiovisual work, showing the work’s images out of sequence is considered “performance.” Sound recordings—recorded versions of music or other sounds—do not have a public performance right.
  5. Public Display Right—The public display right is the right to show a copy of the work directly or by means of film, slide, or television image at a public place or to transmit it to the public. In the case of a motion picture or other audiovisual work, showing the work’s images out of sequence is considered “display.”

Having the assurance that a work is protected encourages developers and publishers to create more works. “By recognizing property rights in creative works and awarding ownership of those rights to the creators of the works, our copyright statute should encourages expression in every art form and medium. It balances the interests of creators against those of the public.”


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A president that dream big

If this goes through, it will boast tourism and attract more investors to Liberia.

“On yesterday April 18, 2018, President George Weah met with representatives from airbus and the leadership team of the Liberia Airport Authority along with the Minister of Transport to foster discussions geared towards the establishment of a Country-owned airline.”

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A tap on Firestone Back

A step in the right direction Mr. President, bravo!

“President Weah just convened a meeting with the leadership of Firestone-Liberia. During the meeting, the President commended Firestone for the longstanding commitment to Liberia, and urged them to live up to their corporate social responsibility for the transformation of the lives of the Liberian people.

The President expressed dismay over the fact that there is not a single factory in the country that produces latex products in spite the length of time they have been in Liberia. President Weah underscored the need to further strengthen the partnership for the mutual benefit of both parties.”

Marck Davies LinkedIn Report

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Orange GSM say you can get LEC through their Service

Orange Liberia update us. Kimmie Weeks posted on On His Facebook page yesterday.

“Today, Orange in partnership with for the Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC) formally launched the ability to purchase LEC credits using OrangeMoney. With each purchase, Orange customers get 1GB of high speed internet!”

This means we can be from our homes and get our LEC current bought right through our GSM. A new era in technology is always coming at our door, let us put this into use and give the GSM company fees back.

Photo credit to Kimmie Weeks


Home BEST PERFORMER AWARD for Tshintao Beer in Liberia

BEST PERFORMER AWARD for Tshintao Beer in Liberia

If it’s not an award it is great praises. We should all celebrate with our Liberian brother as he was awarded.

“Please join us in congratulating Liberian businessman Wilson T. Nyanneh For winning the BEST PERFORMER AWARD for Tshintao Beer in Liberia.

Salute …. Wilson !!!!”

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Yoner Liberia create business studies for Liberians

What if you JOIN US and change the lives of 150 youngsters (University and college students) and that of their families by empowering them to open their own businesses over the next 1 year in Liberia?

Yoner Libera in partnership with Management Solutions, Inc., TRIBE, and with support from the US Embassy Monrovia and the US Department of State’s Office for Global Innovation through Science and Technology is about to begin this year in Montserrado and Margibi Counties.

As you maybe aware, we just did that over the last six (6) months; empowered 40 high school students by successfully organizing and hosting “Liberia’s First High School Entrepreneurship Competition:”Horn Entrepreneurs-hip’s Diamond Challenge for High School” in Montserrado County.

Entrepreneurship is a new concept in Liberia, but has been considered globally as a single-most potential solution, particularly in Liberia to create an alternative career pave for youth, especially young women in driving their communities’ socioeconomic development and gaining self-empowerment.

In Liberia, there are many young people doing business, but they haven’t known if they’re entrepreneurs neither realize that entrepreneurship can enable them improve their lives and change their communities in terms of economic improvement, address unemployment, infrastructural development, reduction of poverty, creating wealth and promoting private investments. Because of this, there are not many young people and entrepreneurs who are succeeding in their business or transforming it from a small business to the corporate level to serve the greater demand of what consumers need and how to maintain and attract a large customer base.

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80 Million to get a new airport

80 million United State dollars for Liberia International airport
50 million United State Dollars for the new erected building and 30 Million United State Dollars for the run way.

To be serious, this amount of money was credited.

Liberia is to have their first modern airport after several years, does this means it worth the amount that was spend or credited?