Many at time people back things up only because of love and sympathy. Domestic Violence is a crime that has a penalty as high as any other criminal rate in Liberia, often in our society people see domestic violence as something that can be handled at home only because of the traditional aspect of the relationship, time and other high factors we look in for tomorrow. Many of our female artists have been domestically violated by their partners (Boy Friends or Husband) but because of the affection they shared, things go only through family hearing and it just gets settled for a while and again this happens with no limit. CanC, a female artist that won the last ended Tunes Liberia Music Award as Dance Hall Queen has often taken her time to address the issue of domestic violence, but it never went well as people saw it as a stunt often because of the way she brings out the story, she did the first post and included a link of her new music that was dropped for fans, people went for the story a bit but the media took it another way as it was just a slap back at her. She came out and said her husband never did such, as he’s a loving and caring man, that it was just a stunt, she did another one again that went crazy on her, nobody believed her, she tried to explain her self but nobody could hear her out, she decided to make a post on leaving social media for a while but that never happen. On a show hosted by Master Queen, she, CanC talked a lot about how she has often been in such pain and agony by her husband actions, beaten and disrespecting her and nobody seems to believe her story, even family don’t listen to her, but she loves her husband so much.
From the way CanC does things, it states that she’s psychologically disturbed by her partner’s attitude. Let us look at her post, her comments and how she’s complete carry herself. CanC is facing a lot if you listen to her story, it’s like the world is not really listening to her, being beaten several times and want the world to hear you out, you need to be straight and tell the story as it did happen or just leave It out of your career and do something else for stunt. When you carefully listen to her explanation in this video, you can see she’s fed up with her husband’s attitude and people not believing her but still she loves her man. But she put out more words, “We worked for our money together and not his money.”Keep following for more story on the dancehall queen as she gets set for a big show at Celavi night club.