Liberia is a country that is noted to be backward in so many things like investment, backward in education, low rate of employment and a nation full of corruption and a lot more, like political interest on the high and who knows you can help you as well as the best serving notion that is serving all into poverty is ’if it isn’t me, it won’t be you,” the crab mentality.

Liberia has a beautiful land, fine people a decent culture a strong set of people that see life as a better thing once it comes easy without noise.

The creative sector in Liberia has been a strong push to it’s developing story as it emerges with the entertainment industry which comprises of Music, Movies, Fashion, and the list goes on. The music industry has been functioning for almost time that we cant remember, but it is totally in a reformation state where the happenings are only said on social media but the implementation aspect is a dream to the artists, their managers, and fans. Entertainment is a great way to encourage investors into any nation, it attracts others through its a style of music, it’s a beautiful places shown in music videos, the models or characters in any movies, pictures, or other artwork, but Liberia has been challenged with that to make it work in the proper way.

Contestants – Talents Show Off

The Big Brabee Liberia reality show which is in a direct copy of Big Brother Naija seems to have entangled themselves in the same sheet with other nations that hosted similar programs. From the organizer to the housemates or contestants, all fans and viewers are seeing it’s not as it was seen in Nigeria or other nations that hosted the same brand called Big Brother.

In the heat of the pandemic(Corona Virus), this program was to kick-off but it was held back due to health laws governing Liberia and it’s citizens as well as others who were or are in the province border. After several weeks and days, BBL 2020 officially started again and it went from hosting programs for the contestants to another, dropping few housemates due to laws that they could not hold unto and were too busy with their own activities and ignoring that they signed up for a reality show that cost thousands of dollars.

They had a day with the media, dinners, and a gala night with all their fans and supporters as well as the sponsors of this first reality show that will be hosted on Temma Television, through Satcom. After the Gala night, there were several posts made due to bad imaging and lack of proper dressing from the housemates, but that had nothing to do with the organizers. Big Brabee Liberia has been pin down by the health ministry of Liberia to hold these contestants in quarantine for two weeks before the show starts, and they have done it all, leaving the contestants to stay safe and protected under their umbrella due to the COVID-19 laws that all nations are observing.

Contestants at the Gala Night

The Drama Begins
Dropping from the list of the contestants were Prestige Josephine Glayflor who’ was one of the most supportive ladies that took her energy and time to get into the house to get people seeing who she truly is because the house is a house of reality and it’s full of drama, she had the supporter she needed but with no time she decided to quite, reaching her she said nothing much but

Prestige Josephine Glayflor

I think it’s personal and it will be told by others when they know why I left, but I can’t say much now because I don’t want to make people stop supporting the show or think I am lying about certain things, but I decided to take a time out of this show because I have other things doing and I can’t continue to take my time in the house when am not okay with certain things.” – Prestige J. Gayflor.

From this, you can sense there’s a game-changer, and a game played from somewhere that needs to be clear and need fans and supporters’ eyes opening to the hidden truth or sad lies told.

This program is to support Liberia in its arts and culture, showcase Liberia culture and heritage as well as encourage investors to see we have more to invest in as this program will feature 100 percent Liberian things throughout. From the look of things, many won’t be able to show their interest in getting into the house again due to time and their involvement in other things that seem more beneficial to them, but the official date to enter the house will show us who drop out and who’s gonna be in the house.

Contestants showcasing their talents

Can’t say more or less but the weight that this program has received over the past months should give it the strength to make a better scene for the viewers and fans of the contestants. We hope for the best and we will keep updating everyone about the housemates, the sponsors, and the entire program.

A program that is giving out traveling opportunities to Dubai, a ten thousand worth of prices, ambassador opportunity, and a program that will change the lives of many young people as it is a poverty reduction strategy program.

Supporters of contestants at the BBL gala night

There are so much more to see in the picture house, people are wondering where’s the house is located, why they haven’t seen an advertisement of the house, some are complaining about the visual aspect as it will be televised on Tamma TV through Satcom and some are saying Tamma isn’t clear and it faces network program. Let the program starts, we are shown things will get better once that show starts. The whole world us watching.