Sammi Caine! This is not a name people often hear around here but for the music lovers in Liberia that followed Liberian music, they know the name and know his work.

Sammie has been on the known key for years without coming out to the public with hit songs, but he has been on the vibe of getting his EP out to the biggest market. Under the management of Money and Salvation,

Sammie Caine is on some take it easy move where he’s managed by Koush Wills who’s trying to change things around for the artist both musically and financially as to how the artist can gain from his music worldwide not just Liberia.

Fans of Sammie have been waiting on something new from the artist, yes it’s true it has been a while but he and his team have been working on a music video before dropping the long-awaited EP.
This song Jam came out with an official video featuring one of the Big Barber Liberia season II Expected House Mate in it, she’s known as Bae Praise.

Believe this, Sammie Caine is not your regular Liberian musician, he’s way too full of RnB to be unseen. If you hear him singing for the first time, you won’t believe he’s a Liberian. He goes way too standard and he’s just one of his kind.
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