Art speaks in many ways, through sports, humanitarian, health, and it affects the world in so many ways. Due to the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus that is knocking the world down to its knees, many artists from around the world came up with songs and vibes to help make things be understood easily by sending messages to their fans through lyrics.

In Liberia there have been confirmed cases of three coronavirus patients and they are presently quarantine.

Artist Brima Wolobah came out to visualize how he sees the world being attacked by the deadly coronavirus. Brima did an artwork that speaks for the whole world. Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, North, and South America, to complete the list, the whole earth, as he says, ”Attack on Mother Earth.”

He dropped a message as well.

”Attack on Mother Earth

Acrylic on canvas.

The world is under total attack and mankind has to work together in fighting this deadly virus (COVID-19).

This virus don’t discriminate as it is been speculated.

Please let’s us all follow the advice given by health practitioners if only we want to win this battle.

Stay safe, and God Bless. 🙏🏿

Please share”

The message is clear and it speaks for all. Thanks to our artist who remembered the world when we all need to be remembered at a last-minute time.