The Borough of Kru Town (aka New Kru Town) was enacted by the Liberian Legislature in January 1916 as a location for the settlement of members of the Kru ethnic group that originated form South Eastern Liberia particularly, Sinoe and Maryland Counties and the Territories of Sasstown and Grandcess (Now Grand Kru County).

Borough of Kru Town in 1916

According to the Legislation the Borough of Kru Town included all areas bounded by the Mesurado River, Stockton Creek, St Paul River and the Atlantic Ocean. In present day configuration the Borough of Kru Town encompasses the areas bounded by the Bong Mine Bridge in Logan Town, the St. Paul Bridge and the Atlantic Ocean. It is comprised of 25 districts subsumed into 8 Nominating districts and resident to more than 75,000 inhabitants. The Electoral map of Liberia designates New Kru Town as District Number 16.

New Kru Town Present Days

The Borough of Kru Town is perhaps the only geographical space in the Republic of Liberia that is legislated as a Borough and the only local Administrator designated as a Governor.

The Borough of New Kru Town is one of the poorest residential area in Monrovia and has been as such its founding

By Karlon Karlon