I first like to extend thanks and appreciations to all of you for your different reponses since I posted my flyer of running for a seat in the house of Representatives.

I also like to confirm to you all that I will be running in the 2020 election in district #9 to fill the seat of our falling heroin Hon. Munnah Youngblood. May her soul rest in peace. At this point in my life, failure is never my worry because no man is infallible.

I have a story of many young Liberian women out there who have spend their lives amidst alcohol, rape, physical abuse, abuse of all kind, prostitution, and as a result have lost everything but their life. This does not make us less important in society. We will not continue to sit as we watch you oppressed and devalue us. We will not succumb to social media bullyism, no matter how they label us as second or third class citizens. We know what’s affecting us and we know how it can be fixed that’s why we deserve a seat to make that change. It’s a vision of Regeneration and my running to make legislation will give them hope.

A hope that no matter what agony you must have been through, you are the future. My running for a seat at the legislature will give many young Liberian Women a new beginning. I have started long ago helping new babies mother get billed from hospitals, I have started long ago helping poor kids get into schools and which I intend to do more for the needy, but don’t get me wrong, I am not running a campaign base on rice distribution or just funneling money to these poor people. I am not going to run a campaign to give free stuff because it’s what have gotten more Liberian poorer.

Imaging getting free rice everyday, how do you think farmers will cope in the business? Imaging getting free money everyday during campaigns? How do you get development in your district when a representative has to recover campaign expenses? Imagine getting aid from wealthy countries everyday, having programs that bring in materials that could have been produced by locals. Locals can not compete against free. As the result local markets will collapse. Programs, which are meant to help the poor, will end up driving even more people into poverty. These are the changes we are going to make in order to get Liberians out of poverty.

I am going on this journey and fear or your thoughts about me will not change anything. I am going to make a significant impact and you are welcome on board or sit on the fence and criticize whatever you like. We are moving through borders.