Rapper Big Max that made the list of Bilikon artists reached five, which include, Cjay, Young Zee, Killer Beats, Kobazzie and Big Max. The drop out went when Kobazzie left willingly and found his path to make great moves that are presently bringing great happiness to the Liberia music industry and the whole entertainment industry at large. Bilikon pushed all its artists to look like a star act like a star and be a star. They have guidelines even though the artists at Bilikon are not signed artists. Big Max in continue habit of not taking a hint from his manager Lyee.

Lyee openly stated that he had on several occasions talked to Big Max to arrange himself, so he can take a better trend in the industry and make a name then going places and doing things that are not appropriate for his brand and the name of their label. Big Max has been in a continuous habit of smoking weeds, selling his things and involving himself with people who were belittling him and his brand. After several pieces of advice from his management team, Big Max was asked to walk out of Bilikon and find another place to take his career. He, Big Max saw this as a no-good ending and decided to ask for a payoff, unfortunately for him, he never signed a deal with Bilikon and with broken heart, he had no right on any songs posted on any GSM company ring back tune or even on YouTube channel from Bilikon. Big Max was never an eye-catching artist of Bilikon; no one asked for him to perform at any one show from his team, like how they took over the rest. His rap style is perfect, but he was not branded well by himself even though his team tried their best but Big Max dumped himself to the Ghetto lifestyle and forgot to know he was with a brand that stands among other bigger brands, and this got him to kick off due to his constant action. As the artist took his leave from Bilikon, he drops a new song that never went far enough, but yes, it is still pending to blow, he’s now a free artist.

The question here, will he come out a big star since he left Bilikon like Kobazzie? Was he’d better of before joining Bilikon? Was it right for his management, to ask him out without a gives in of small cash? Fans will like to know more, but it’s best fans contribute to this section of questions.