(GL) – The name Liberia attached to any events, programs, or an organization carries the tribes, the country cultures; it’s beliefs and fully the support of the country even if everyone is not supporting base on Organization differences.

Big Brabee Liberia (BBL) isn’t just something that carries the name Liberia but it is for Liberians and it will speak more about us to the world, this program won’t be watch only in Liberia, it will be televised on a Liberia channel (Temma TV) that is on a program or internet system that is linked to other African countries.

House Mates Telling The Media and Fans why they are capable for winning BBL2020

Big Brabee Liberia isn’t a show that will just show a group of people (Male and Female) but to show out Liberia to the world, a program that should spark out and encourage investors to come in and invest more into our art and cultures, into our entertainment and other things that will be looked at when an innovative person who want to invest look at it.

First of its kind to be hosted in a house for 5 weeks where we will have both genders in a house that will be covered with camera, mics and lot more. Big Brabee Liberia 2020 is a reality TV show that has a lot to offer everyone and anyone that wins. Haven’t said all this. On Sunday, Big Brabee Liberia (BBL) hosted a day with Bloggers (Media) to have a day to:

1. unveil the first price, which is a car, Also clearifing to the public about the prices, which will be

2. Ten thousand dollars worth or prices,

3. a trip to Dubai and,

4. free meal for a year at Oporto’s Liberia, getting

5. a spa at Vick’s spa for one year, second winner 6 months and third winner 4 months at Vick’s Spa and salon, you will have all your beauty set up as well.

Announcing this to the public was a mind blowing thing, all the contestants were full of happiness, they appreciate a lot more, wishing that they could already be in the house for this great program.

The winner car is set among the prices

As the date approaches and soon to be announced to the public, the means of voting and official date to enter the house, the house mates are still asking their supporters to not give up on them but give them more vibes as they are entering the biggest reality TV show that is about to hit one of Liberia nearest television station, Tamma TV which is subscribing through SATCOM.

Make a comment with your favorite contestant name so they can know your still have their back and will be willing to watch them throughout the five(5) weeks they will be in the house, again don’t forget about eviction period, remember once your house mate(s) get in the house they have to depend on you as you depend on them to perform to a task that will make you want to keep them in the house through your votes.

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