Azuri Technologies, a leader in pay-as-you-go solar home technology for off-grid Africa, continues to build on its vision of ‘connecting the unconnected’ with the opening of an Off-grid Solar Centre in Kisumu County, Kenya.

According to the Kisumu County Government, only 46% of the County’s general population is connected to the grid. Azuri’s new Solar Centre will bring affordable, clean energy to the many thousands across the county who lack access to mains electricity. More than 600 million people in sub-Saharan Africa continue to struggle without reliable power.

Since launching in 2012, Azuri is now one of the leading providers of pay-as-you-go solar power lighting and TV systems, operating in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Nigeria. To date, the company has sold over 150,000 systems.

Azuri’s innovative application of solar power combined with mobile payment technology and energy-efficient appliances is enabling off-grid African families to experience modern digital technologies such clean, powerful LED lighting appliances and satellite TV for the first time.

“Kenya’s agenda is to provide universal access to electricity by 2022, and we are delighted Azuri shares and supports this vision and journey. The launch of the Azuri’s Off-grid Solar Centre in Kisumu brings modern devices and services to our residents while addressing the challenge of energy access,” said Daniel Okia, Chief Officer, Ministry of Energy and Industrialisation, Kisumu County.

Snehar Shah, Azuri General Manager for East Africa added: “Off-grid solar is being coupled with energy-efficient smart TVs, rechargeable radios, satellite entertainment, internet access and a range of other appliances and services to truly change the lives and livelihoods of families.”

The Off-grid Solar Centre features the latest solar home solutions from Azuri which local consumers can see and try, including Azuri’s new energy-efficient 32-inch solar satellite TV and home lighting system. The centre also provides face-to-face customer support in addition to servicing and repairs.

More than 2 million households in Africa are now connected to reliable clean energy via small solar home systems (SHS) on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Azuri recently announced a KSh2.6 billion investment led by Fortune 500 company Marubeni.

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Caption: Daniel Okia, Chief Officer, Ministry of Energy and Industrialisation, Kisumu County (left) and Snehar Shah, General Manager for Azuri East Africa, officially open the Azuri’s new Off-grid Solar Centre in Kisumu. More photos available upon request.

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Azuri Technologies is a leading provider of affordable pay-as-you-go solar home systems to off-grid consumers across Africa. Combining the latest solar innovation and mobile payment technology, Azuri delivers reliable, renewable and distributed power to the millions who have no access to modern powered services. Azuri operates in five key territories; Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania and Uganda with East Africa Headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya and West Africa Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.

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